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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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This essay will provide insights into crafting a winning Chevening scholarship essay. It will discuss key elements such as articulating leadership qualities, networking skills, and academic and professional aspirations in alignment with the Chevening criteria. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Communication.

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I believe that trust, teamwork, respect and welcoming diversity are the basic elements to create a strong relationship among people. When I Grow Up Event for kids had launched by JCI Damascus, which specialized to display a huge number of occupations, professions and handcrafts in real way to enable children to practice it, so that will facilitate their career plan for the future. The manager of event signed the official agreement with one charity organization to bring 300 boys and girls. Before three days of launching the event, the organization had broken the promise.

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The manager was frustrated and anxious to lose the event. He asked other members if anyone can help him. I participated in that event. When I heard his need, I took that bad situation on my account. The overdependence on win-win strategy, that always stimulates a strong professional network relevance. Because I have a wide range of public relationships, I began to communicate directly with the board of directors. That relationship between us built on trust. When I worked with them, I always attempt to pay attention to the need and sharing information with body language and positive gestures to show my interest in people’s views, as well as Taking overpromise and achieve it on time help me to build strong connections. Working with different cultures and environments paved the way to get valuable knowledge about it. I have appreciated the difference in religion, race and tradition to welcoming and accepting people in the team and place of working. Working on that help me to integrate with foreign people( from UK, USA and Span) and organizations as the UN and JCI. Working as a team with high respect to the different ideas and opinions and working on reaching to compromising solution help me to focus on the scheduled goals. Because of the aforementioned process, I was able without an official agreement to convince them courteously to approving the offer of attending. that was my pleasure to rescue the event and invite more than 550 orphans from 6 charity organizations and orphanages.

I hope to be collaborated with the best experts and professors in the UK to reach and achieve my goals. I am really keen on creating a strong partnership with international organizations to support justice and human right in developing countries in the coming years.

I plan to cooperate with foreign scholars by relying on the professional capacity of connection as well as to transmit our insights and prospective on different cultures and environments, that will boost my knowledge about other culture, history and traditions. I am enthusiastic of being a part of the active young leaders network around the world and discussing solutions for better world. The integration of our dreams, abilities and perspectives in one crucible, that will excess my horizon to achieve the future goals .   

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