Overview of the Presence of Autism and Difficulties for an Autistic People Concerning Speaking

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There were and there are still many existing disabilities but most of the people does not know a thing about these, especially in Hungary. There are some countries which are a bit more familiar with disabled people but there should be even more considering the growing numbers of children having disabilities from birth or getting it later in life. One of the many existing disabilities stands closer to my heart because it is very mysterious and I have the opportunity I would say fortunately to experience its uniqueness from one step closer than others. It is autism which is the more unknown disability even though there is a rising tendency of its presence. In this paper first I want to give a short overview of this condition, after that discover the presence of this disability a few years ago and now, then how average people talk about disabled people then I want to explore that what can cause difficulties for an autistic people concerning speaking and what can help them to fight these struggles.

As soon as we give exact names to things they become more crucial. It happens with disabilities. Just a few decades ago people who had disability was named as ‘weird, fool,insane’ and there was not much attention paid to his/her otherness. Now, so many disabilities have special names. Different kind of syndromes, hard to pronounce and remember names coming from doctors who discovered the disability. It sounds much more scientific than just calling someone fool or insane. It makes it more important that someone has some kind of a syndrome and it may cause that others are afraid and would like to keep a certain distance from them because they have a disability. In this year there was a report which concluded that the rates of autistic children have risen to 1 in every 59 children in the United States and it is much more than it was in 2004 which was only 1 in 125. ( ADDM autism prevalence report 2018) . So there is an alarming need to be more aware of this disability and thus we can make their lives a lot more easier and ours as well since we will not be surprised if we meet someone with this condition.

First there is a need to define autism itself. It is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) a complex developmental disability. (Grunya Efimovna Sukhareva 1925) There is no specifically known cause of autism. There is the word Spectrum in its name because it is considered to moving on a scale including a fixed set of behaviors which are typical but there are no 2 similar autistic individuals. They have so much similarities but all of them are uniquely different. ASD is said to appear at the age of 2 or 3. These children have specific characteristics like they have struggle with listening to their names, keeping eye contact but they do repetitive things like hand flapping when they are happy or anxious, spinning everything which comes to their hand even if it is rectangular or triangle shaped. There are some problems associated with autistic people like it is hard for them to make and maintain social contacts and it is also hard for them to learn how to speak and use language correctly. These characteristics are either all true for someone or none of them or just some meets one’s characteristics, there are so many different cases in this disability that it is almost impossible to lay a fixed and complete list of all typical characteristics.

For most of us speaking is an everyday action,we do it for lots of hours without any difficulty. We can shape our thoughts and articulate it into words, our speaking partner understands it, answers, we decode the message and continue the conversation. It seems quite easy unless you have ASD and have problems with speaking. People with autism simply may not feel the intention to speak or they cannot articulate their thoughts. There is a huge difference between not wanting to do or not being able to do. Just imagine that you have your thoughts in your mind but you are not able to verbalize them and even if you are asked you can not answer a questions. You are locked in your mind like a criminal in jail. I think we can not imagine how hard can it be either for the children and for the parents. Parents are lucky if their autistic child is able to speak but this is still not the 9th heaven. 

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