Oppressed Groups of People

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Across the world, there are many oppressed groups of people, looked down upon in the world today, yet there is activist around the world whose bringing awareness to these unlawful acts. Stand Against Racism, is an organization of individuals that work together to enlighten the world on the outrageous acts of racism throughout the country. Many people for a variety of ethnic backgrounds and religious backgrounds come together and work as one for their personal reasons for standing up against racism today. Stand Against Racism is a hands-on organization that loves getting the communities involved to fight for a better world. They Held 470 events nationwide in 2018 alone nearly reaching every state in America, it was a variety of different people and nonprofit organizations that attended including schools and local governments.

YWCAs are originally known for working with people of color, the less fortunate, woman, and children, but as times changed and new laws came into place the YWCA became support for those affected by these things as well. As for immigrant families affected by the anti-immigrant policies, fearing deportation, being cut from their jobs and no longer able to provide for their families. YWCA believes that “All immigrants-regardless of status-deserve to be safe, healthy, and treated with dignity and respect.”; with that being said the 13th annual Stand Against Racism will be touching bases on the immigrant communities injustice, hoping that eventually, all immigrants can live freely without the fear of being deported or discriminated against. Four years prior to today, on April 23 the YWCA Stand Against Racism lead a march to Capitol Hill to try to the end racial profiling act. This had been one of their top priorities to stop racial profiling on every level. Lawmaker’s and government officials were informed about the harm caused by racial profiling.

Although it could be easy to confuse the two racism and segregation are two different things. Racism is the discrimination against another race, while segregation is the act of separating races from one another. YWCA in Bergen County has supported the movement; participating in an alliance with Stand Against Racism, allows people from varieties of backgrounds to reflect on personal views and opinions within the community and try to come up with solutions to put an end to racism. YWCA gave their first ever Racial Justice Award, to Theodora Lacaey & The Coalition she is united with. Theodora Lacaey was an activist that fled from Louisiana from segregation, as she continuously pushed for a change up to this day, she is still fighting to close the gap of inequality. This organization will help at making the world a better place because it is bringing awareness to the unfair treatment of the colored, and immigrants.

Many people just brush racism off having that feeling that it doesn’t have anything to do with them and if they wanted to help their voice won’t make a difference, but Stand Against Racism is showing us otherwise, It’s telling us that the only way for change is if we stand up and take action. More and more people around the world are standing up for racism when the majority is standing towards a positive cause everything starts to change for the better.

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