One of the most “Useful” Monsters is Zombies

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Updated: Mar 27, 2023
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Is the idea that monsters are useful insane to even consider? Stephen T. Asma once stated, “The monster concept is still extremely useful, and it’s a permanent player in the moral imagination because human vulnerability is permanent” (65). Most people would agree with this statement, although many of us are not fans of monsters. The term monsters do not only pertain to the big furry creatures that star in our nightmares. ‘Monster’ is a very broad term that can be applied to many other things besides the immediate image that comes to most people’s brains when they hear that unsettling word. Examples of monsters include; cyclops, zombies, and vampires, as well as more abstract ideas such as anxiety and depression. A monster can lie within one’s brain, not necessarily right in front of someone’s very eyes. One of the most “useful” monsters is zombies.

People all around the world are genuinely scared that a zombie apocalypse could occur any day now. This fear has been instilled in people for an extremely long time. There are many platforms where gruesome characters are portrayed. Our textbook for this English class includes essays on zombies. There have been many movies made about flesh-eating human lookalikes. There are even modes in some video games where the main objective is to kill as many zombies as possible within a certain amount of time. “Roughly 5.3 million people watched the first episode of The Walking Dead on AMC…” (Klosterman 40.) The reason this idea of zombies is useful is that it is very humbling to be scared or nervous every once in a while. I am sure no one is genuinely petrified of zombies. Some people may just think about zombies every so often and just have a small feeling of discomfort. This could be better than being completely content at all times. Also, it is possible that companies can benefit from people being slightly offset by the thought of a zombie apocalypse.

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Without a doubt, there are people that are prepared for this to happen. Maybe people have bought supplies that would possibly help them or aid them if an unexpected attack happened. Unfortunately, big companies thrive on the fear of everyday consumers. Being scared keeps the imagination young, which is necessary for people of all ages, of course. Small children are definitely more likely to be scared of zombies because they don’t realize how ridiculous that sounds. The younger generation is more oblivious to what’s likely to happen in society since they are not experienced in the real world yet. Kids are also influenced by the media greatly. They can hear the most absurd of things online, take it for the truth, and spread it to their friends, who will also believe it! Older people are another candidate for being nervous about zombies because once they get super old, they do not exactly have the best reasoning skills.

Although unlikely, middle-aged people may still benefit from thinking zombies are real. Believing in something imaginative keeps us from only thinking about the harsh realities of everyday life. Monsters are just defined as things we don’t quite understand, and perhaps that is why people are afraid of them. We tend to be frightened of things we are unsure or curious about. I think zombies are somewhat believable because they sort of resemble human beings since they are just a dead version of a “normal” person. Maybe monsters can even teach us about ourselves, such as what makes us feel fear and why. “The principal downside to any zombie attack is that the zombies will never stop coming; the principal downside to life is that you will never be finished with whatever it is you do.” (Klosterman 41.) It is very interesting to find all of the very different ideas people have about monsters. Something so unrelated to zombies is being compared to them in this sentence of Klosterman’s.

Most people wouldn’t compare a zombie attack to their everyday 9-5 work week. It is sad to realize how many monstrous situations actually can compare to our day-to-day lives. Whether it be in my English textbook, my brother’s video games, or on my dad’s television, zombies are here and here to stay. Although monster stories haven’t always been my cup of tea, I am much more open to reading on the subject now that I have a different point of view on what a “monster” is. The idea of monsters is useful, especially the type that is worn down and trying to eat us alive.

One of the most “Useful” Monsters is Zombies essay

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