Monsters in Society: the Trial and Tribulations of Steve Harmon in ‘Monster’

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Updated: Sep 11, 2023
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Monster by Walter Dean Myers tells the story of Steve Harmon, a sixteen-year-old boy that is on trial for his part in a drugstore robbery it’s a realistic fiction that is written like a film script and diary. Monster tells the readers the mystery and horrible death of Mr. Nesbitt, the drugstore owner.

While people read the novel they pick up the fact that Steve isn’t responsible for the death of Mr. Nesbitt. It shows being even a little apart of a crime can still get you time.

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One thing sad about the trial is that when you read the novel you get, the feeling that Ms. O’ Brien the defense attorney for Steve doesn’t believe in his innocence and Petrocelli, the assistant district attorney calls them monsters, and think their monsters instead of people. Briggs, the lead counsel for the defense of James King, has gotten angry when former prisoners think they are doing the right thing by testifying.

Jose, the first person to go on the stand the person that found Mr. Nesbitt. Jose was one of the only people that were not accused of a crime of the stand. Steve’s partners in the robbery case Richard ”Bobo” Evans and Osvaldo, took a deal so that they would not go to jail. The defense makes everyone that isn’t on their side that goes on the stand look as bad as the people on trial that’s the real sad thing about the trial scenes and trials in real life. Monster also shows the struggle of the family that has someone in jail, Mr. Harmon, is the father of Steve and he cannot even touch his son, and Steve’s mom is struggling with the fact that her son is in jail. I think it’s very sad that Steve is always scared of what is going to happen to him even though he believes himself to be innocent. 

 I would have to recommend the book Monster by Walter Dean Myers. Monster is a book that can teach you about the law system and will show you that being apart of a crime can get yourself killed. I would recommend it to people that like crime stories. You would also like Monster if you like reading about the struggle of a boy that is innocent in the end going on trial with the changes of dying or the best scenario life in prison, and if you like drama books. The book shows a different way of writing a realistic fictional novel. That is the all the people that I would recommend the book to at this moment, in my opinion, the movie is better than the book. 

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