Odysseus, Master of Schemes

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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If one looks at much of the Ancient world’s literature, there are many epics that are based on the Trojan War. It has a special place in the echelons of the Greek literature and the key thing that must be seen in the work is that how Homer is selective in terms of the way selection of the choice material was being carried out. The focus of Iliad was just a few weeks of the action. The other important thing during the material is the action in terms of the way all these things are supposed to work out.

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The key element in the story is the presence of the Odysseus who comes across as one of the most intriguing protagonists in the literature of that era. During the course of this paper, it is going to be seen that how the adventure of the Odysseus panned out, what were the situations, and the important relevance of Odysseus in the literature of his era. The rest of the battle panned out in such that the Greek army boarded their shops and sailed away for short distance. Later on, the Trojans rejoiced the fact that how the conflict has ended and eventually they bring the horse inside the city. During the night, hosts of Greek warriors emerged from the horse and opened the gates of the city. For the obvious reasons, the people in the city were not prepared for an attack of such a magnitude and thus they succumb to the attack and there was no fighting back.

The paper is going to look at the fact that how the acumen and war mastery of Odysseus played a major part in the battle of the Trojan and how the help from God actually aided him rather than being the main beneficiate in this scenario.

There were many instances during the course of the story where it can be seen that how Odysseus has emerged as a masterful planner. It is not the act of sheer luck that he was able to get the better of the battle and one of the reasons that he was able to come up with something that is so out of the box is due to the fact that he has the wits about him when it comes to managing things in the heat of the battle, he sees things that others do not. Homer pointed out the argument that how he used the loyalty and the honor of the enemy to his advantage and how sneaking behind attacking is not somewhat an effective strategy. But the key thing in this regard is how audacious the approach was at the end of each adventure and how he used to go to every end to achieve his goal. In the same way that he used his genius to overcome the war of Troy with his magnificent plan.

His masterplan to enter the city was about making sure that he avoids the direct conflict where loss of lives was imminent and infiltration of the city. Thus, he made the effort to make sure that some sort of gorilla battle tactic to gain the upper hand over the enemy. At that point of time, such a tactic was not heard of and it showed that how important at times it is to make sure that have a cunning mind and shrewd understanding goes a long way towards winning any battle. The important thing that must be noted here is that the understanding of the war tactics and the glorification of the battle are some of the thing that are likely to damage the prospect of the army during the course of the battle and this is the case that can be seen here. Extra glorification of the warfare was something that is a folly and considering the battle has won when there are still forces near you is something that is quite erroneous as a war strategy specially when facing people who are experienced in battle.

There was a prophecy that stated that how Odysseus is going to stay away from home for a very long period as he intends to join the Greek army and then how he would be attacking Troy. Odysseus loved his wife to the core and had great affection for this newborn son. He really did not want to leave, so there was an effort on his part to appear crazy and lunatic in front of the others when the Greek army were coming to call. He yoked the donkey as well and started his journey towards the seashore. His antics, however were exposed later, and he was not able to conceal himself for a very long period of time and thus had to feign illness. Lack of poor planning on the part of the Greeks played its part in the fulfillment of the adventure.

Now, the emergence of the storm and how the opposing army invited the wrath of God is something that clearly gave Odysseus the huge advantage, but the fact remains that even if Odysseus had not received any help from the Gods, he has played a masterstroke. The battlefield would have been even if there was a case when where Gods would have intervened after the plan was made on his part to create a major obstacle and attack the city from inside. That does not do anything to tone down his motivations or bring down one of the major accomplishments that are being carried out on his part. In the hindsight, it shows the acumen of Odysseus and how he used to manage things.

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