Observation 9 Tempest

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When one looks at both plays The Tempest and King Lear, one can see that they contain much more differences than similarities. The Tempest is based more on the lightheartedness of odd characters in an island that is very much secluded from many things. They encounter many conflicts throughout the play yet they all live happily ever. While, King Lear contains more of a heart wrenching tragedy story that goes into the family betrayal and injustice. Although both stories are polar opposite from one another one similarity seems to tie both plays together, and that is the theme of compassion.

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This theme seems to be very obvious especially in the final scene of the Tempest where Prospero chose to be merciful as he forgave all. While for King Lear, it is difficult for one to realize this unless they take away the brutality of the story. How this play is much more structured in the sense of forgiveness as well, along with the love King Lear has for his people/family even at a tough time. Shakespeare tends to give off messages in the subtlest way on both hope and love, how it can triumph everything especially evil in oneself. King Lear’s story finishes off more on the sad side for Cordelia is hanged and a very mad/grief Lear carries her body looking for a sign of life only to receive nothing. This feeling becomes too much for him that he soon falls dead only to have the kingdom be appointed to Edgar as the ruler of Britain.

The tempest isn’t named Prospero because it corresponds to the opening of the play, where there is a big storm that occurs throughout the first scene of the play. The title is more about just a person. To think of it, it can be looked in a point of view where there is an actual storm personally and public in the sense that it could be an actual storm or a storm being of that from the people. The name Tempest is seen as a symbolism in this play. As for King Lear, the play could be called that but it is technically called after the protagonist due to it having to be more based on the point of view of his throughout the play rather than the rest. The play revolves around him when it comes to the fights and betrayals or the love and sadness. The differences between both of this play in the matter of its name has to do more with how the tempest shows the struggles of everyone rather than just focusing itself on just on person literally while King Lear is a play that is trying to get the readers to understand that this play is exactly about this character more than the rest.

Prospero is a tragic hero for he makes a transition within the play of having absolutely everything to having nothing. He lost his daughters and he takes his enemies under his powers only for it to be lost as it loses control and releases them eventually. But it could also be seen as not a tragic hero because in the end no one really lost anything as it is all found while in King Lear, most of the characters lost everything all the way till the end. King Lear lost his only daughter that has ever loved him due to his selfishness only for the play to end in him dying as well.”

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