Nikola Tesla – the Inventor Behind it all

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Imagine spending nights in the pitch dark having to find the way to the kitchen or bathroom and not having any light at all? Thanks to Nikola Tesla, he was the brains and talent behind not only the founding of the AC system that conducted long lasting power, but the inventor of so many more necessities we need today. Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia, and traveled to America in 1884, with only what he could carry on his back, with the intentions to create history.

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Tesla was full of ideas and creativities that led to so many inventions, followed by exceptional outlook on medicine today and ending with a beautiful legacy of some of the most necessary impacts in today’s society.

Nikola Tesla was not only a well-known inventor, but the amount of not only successful projects, but also the attempted, are just what made his name so popular today. When Tesla first traveled to the United States, he first met with Thomas Edison, who in fact had him behind the scenes of inventing the light bulb. Tesla had done mostly all of the labor and the idea planning and in exchange was supposed to receive an amount of money for all of his hard work. Edison later on after finishing, broke the news to Tesla that the money was all a scam and he truly was not going to pay him. With devoting all of his hard work into Edison’s project he then had to start completely over with still no money or anywhere to stay. Soon after getting on his feet, Tesla had invented what was called the “”AC system,”” which was a alternating current system that was known for making power last longer than it ever could or would. “”Tesla designed the alternating-current (AC) electrical system, which would quickly become the preeminent power system of the 20th century and has remained the worldwide standard ever since”” (A&E Networks). While finishing this project, Tesla had come in contact with George Westinghouse who found an interest in his AC system and was willing to work with him. While the AC system became the best selling yet, Tesla decided it was time for a new project where he invented what is now called the Tesla Coil. . The coil works with a capacitor to resonate current and voltage from a power source across the circuit””(A&E Networks). This Coil, was used in early radio antennas and was able to conduct a voltage, where he then was able to use this voltage in not only radios, but also in x-rays, radio and even develop a system where he could study the atmosphere using this type of current and voltage. Not only did Tesla invent the AC system and coil, but he also was known for inventing many other fascinating and important creations such as the Hydroelectric Power Plant and Tesla Motors and Electric Cars.

Although, Tesla was focused on many projects, he had a huge impact on the medicine world also, where he found that there were ways to experiment currents and gas tubes that would help the body, but not negatively affect it either. While studying and experimenting different currents, he discovered many amazing things that could avoid hurting the body or even sending frequency that would make the human body aware a current was surrounding it. “” In the winter of 1891 Tesla re- vealed that rapid oscillation currents can cross the human body without causing any muscle spasms or tissue damage”” (Ristanovi? 615). By using these oscillation currents, Tesla was able to research other ways of performing currents without damaging any tissue or muscles in the body. Sending electron beams, was another way he found a successful way to reach the body without making notice or hurting any part of the inner walls of the human body. “”He did experiments with tubes full of rarefied gas and electrode made of rubies, whereby he got an electron beam – X-rays known today””(Ristanovi? 616). The electron beams later concluded into finding proper names to call all of Tesla’s important work he had started. The experiments were down the road called X-Rays and Ultrasounds and not only back then but even now have become a major part of diagnosing illness’, broken bones and even a majority of unsolved medical cases that have not yet been discovered. To even remotely think about how many X-Rays and Ultrasounds are used today in a hospital or doctor’s office or even how many myself has received in my lifetime, a person cannot even imagine how helpful both machinery have been to the medical world not only today but over the last several years.

Each inventor has their own outlook on certain experiments, and most if not all will have different outcomes, but what is similar between all of these inventors, is their legacy, and Tesla left exactly that. Nikola Tesla is a man who came from nothing and had a few pieces of clothing, a great family of course and a brain that was not only creative but smarter than anyone could possibly imagine. Although, Tesla invented many important machinery, he researched his way to find a medical path that who knew would start something we still use today and, left behind behind a legacy that anyone who knows about him or what he did, could never truly forget. “”The modern world owes a great deal to Tesla’s vision: alternating current, radio (he pipped Marconi to the post by at least three years), radio-controlled vehicles and fluorescent lighting are among his more mundane creations””(Pilkington). Mark Pilkington, explains that the modern world owes a great deal to Tesla and to basically thank him for inventing, and also, discovering all of these currents and lighting that had also helped lead other scientists to being able to look in space as well. Tesla also had this plan that every new invention he had either made or researched, he always wanted to make sure that when finally introducing his discovery to the world he would make it a very big deal. Tesla wanted to make sure that everyone and anyone knew about what he was up to and wanted to leave everyone on their toes as they saw everything for the first time. For example, M. Lee says that “”Tesla decided to introduce the public to this technology by setting up radio-controlled toy boats on a pond in New York City”” (Lee). In this article, Lee explains that Tesla wanted to always introduce the public to his new inventions in a creative and also unforgettable way that would leave whichever crowd saw, shocked and waiting for more. Tesla has left behind some amazing legacies such as, having a magnetic field named after him, being the source for light to open the Chicago World Fair and to have so many people thankful not only then but today for creating a system to conduct long lasting light that would soon turn into so many more amazing machinery and ideas for the future.

Not only did Nikola Tesla invent some of the most creative and beneficial inventions that we still use today, but he left behind an amazing legacy and was able to not only help the world of medicine but start the way we catch and treat some of the most terrifying sickness’ in the world today. Without his inventions and creativity with discovering X-Rays and Ultrasound I truly am not sure how long it would have taken for someone else to dig deep into what all of this meant. Nikola Tesla will always be someone we should all know and remember as we live our everyday lives. Knowing how far our future has come so far, to think that he once found that the electric cars and motors could once exist today, who knew it would be coming soon in reality. Tesla will always be an inventor and a historical figure in today’s world and even in the future as it unwraps itself an discovers new and better things.

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