Native Americans Land History

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Updated: Apr 10, 2021
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“The trail of tears happened in the year 1838. More than half of the cherokee tribe died during the trail of tears. Even the chief of the tribe died. Most died from malnutrition or diseases. It’s called the trail of tears because when someone would die, their family would cry. This event took more than a third of the cherokee tribe.(Byers 25-27) During the trail of tears, the United States was experiencing westward expansion which was a time of Thomas Jefferson thinking the United States needing more land and had people being moving westward. But the damage didn’t occur until Andrew Jackson was president.

The Americans were on the Native Americans land because of their growing population, so they started moving westward into the Native Americans territory. They started using the Native’s supplies and taking their resources. For example, they started using their streams and woods for hunting and fishing. Also, they were cutting down trees to build homes and furniture.(Byers 8-13) Even some of the American men married some of the cherokee women. It all seemed well until the Americans didn’t want the cherokee tribe on the land anymore. So they decided to try to kick them off the land, but the cherokee fought back.(Byers 24-25) They didn’t allow themselves to be kicked off, and had many battles with the Americans over that land. Unfortunately, the Cherokee tribe wasn’t quite strong enough to beat the americans, and lost many battles. After some time, president Andrew Jackson decided he needed to find a way to get them off of the land. He decided that he was going to give them land westward, behind the rocky mountains.(Byers 28) The Cherokee didn’t want to leave their homes and didn’t move. Two years later soldiers came and told them that it was time to move. The Cherokee were surprised, but agreed it was best to just move. But, some didn’t think they needed to, it was their land and they should fight for it. But anyone who disagreed, was shot and killed.(Byers 30) Many were upset like one should, but they agreed they shouldn’t cross the soldiers again and just go with them.

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The trail of tears went from the mississippi river to the rocky mountains. They wanted to move them there so they could move onto their land and have the land to themselves. The journey took a total of 2,200 miles.(Byers 44-46) Most people died from malnutrition and diseases. When the people died, they cried, hents the name trail of tears. But worst of all, they didn’t have time to bury all the bodies, so they just had to leave them on the side of the trail. This also caused problems with the Cherokee tribe and the soldiers. One soldier said that they treated the old people poorly if they wouldn’t keep up with the rest of the tribe.(American history 1) For example, one man was shot because he couldn’t keep up with the rest of the group, and refused to move any faster. They were treaty so badly and unfairly.

Andrew jackson signed the indian removal act, taking all the Native Americans east of the Mississippi river, known as the indian colonization zone.(River chapter 5) The indian removal act was never signed by any of the Cherokee people, so it wasn’t in place yet. But two years after they made the removal act, the trail of tears occurred. But, even the chief explained that they were their first, but they didn’t seem to care.(Rivers chapter 5-7) The Americans believed that they needed the land and the cherokee could just move east and everything would be alright. But, the natives didn’t think that was fair, it was their land and they control what goes on with it. But the Americans were just more powerful, and their plan happened and the trail of tears occurred.(Byers 23-30)

My thesis explain the event that made the trail of tears occur. They also explain why it happened and what the trail was like.My thesis are the Americans were on the native americans land because of their growing population, The trail of tear went from the Mississippi river to the rocky mountains, and Andrew Jackson signed the indian removal act, taking all Native Americans east of the Mississippi river, known as the indian colonization zone. Before the trail of tears they were happy living normal lives. Then the Americans came and moved them, and more than a fourth of them died and they weren’t on their land anymore. Just think about how they must have felt, being moved and treated horribly for weeks and miles, and then having important people die. Then after all those terrible things, having to start your life all over again in some new place.”

Native Americans Land History essay

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