Article Analyzes about the Old Man and the Sea

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Updated: Apr 16, 2021
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The Old Man and the Sea through three different entities. These include Santiago and his reliance on Manolin, presenting the sea as feminine and the respect given for her, and the overall interspecies kinship as in the respectful relationships between man and animal. The author also describes the story as a three part expedition. The departure, journey, followed by a return. The author also goes into symbolism and each symbols interpretation.

I think this source is very useful. Compared to other sources, it goes into a good amount of detail and explanation. It is a good source for expanding on certain topics. This source does not seem biased. This source was helpful to me. It offered a good amount of insight that goes beyond just what the text says. It has not changed how I think about this topic however it has helped me gain a greater understating of the story.

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This source explores the vast extent of the baseball metaphors and allusion within the story. The source goes into actual baseball history to see how certain things such as Hemingway’s use of certain numbers line up with the story and what these metaphors mean. The main arguments in this article is to show that the baseball references meant more than what was being seen on text. The articles cites that other critics have viewed the baseball references to not add much to the story but this article shows why that is not true.

This source is a useful source. This source compares with my other sources in that this source really focuses on only one topic, the baseball references. However, this source is the only source to go into such great detail for the baseball references that the other sources may have overlooked. The goal of this source is to show why the baseball references are so important and how they can bring a greater understanding to the life of Santiago. This source will be helpful to me. I can use this article in my research project because I will be able to use baseball references to give a greater analysis and understanding of Santiago’s journey.

This article explores three different aspects of the book. These include the literary devices that are used in the book, symbols and how they relate to famous theories, and then finally it discusses an overlook of American literature with also an overview of Hemingway’s greatest novels. The article also goes over symbol interpretation and how Hemingway could represent themes by using different symbols.

This source is useful because it goes through different topics that that the book has to offer. It is one of the few sources that also looks at how the book compares to other novels. The information is reliable because it has its own bibliography at the end of the writing. The source seems fairly objective and not biased.

This source was helpful to me. It helps me shape my argument by giving me comparisons to other books and works of literature that I can draw from. It has not changed how I think about my topic. This article focuses on a theme of heroism but it also expands this idea of heroism using various aspects. The symbolisms of power and nobility, foreshadowing, the dreams Santiago has. The article helps explain what it calls three key images and how they relate to symbolism, and the imagery within the book.

This source will be useful to my paper. This source is shorter when compared to the other sources however it is still full of good information. The information is reliable and the source does not seem biased. This source was helpful to me. It helps shape my argument by being able to expand more on the symbolism and help me put a focus on the heroism aspect of the novel.

Article Analyzes about the Old Man and the Sea essay

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