My View of Ultimate Reality

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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My view of ultimate reality is a religion out of the third ontological model called Christianity. The religion claims that God sent his only son, Jesus, to earth to save his own people, the Jews. However, his own people rejected him and instead he saved all the people that believed in him.

During Jesus’ time on Earth, he performed many miracles. Some of them were, changing water to wine, multiplying bread and fish for his followers, and resurrecting Lazarus. The miracles he performed were an indication that he was more than human.

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He later died on the cross for everybody’s sins. He was resurrected on the third day. His resurrection is proof that he is God, as no human can perform such miracles as resurrection. Furthermore, Christianity claims that if one spreads God’s word, believes in him, gives their life to him, and lives a life without great sins, then God will save you from the Great Tribulation and reward you with eternal life. They also claim that if you ask something in Christ’s name through prayer, then that person will receive it. Believe in the Ten Commandments. Christianity also claims that the punishment for not believing in God is eternal life, burning in hell.

There is enough evidence that can be used to prove Christianity’s claim. Jesus performed various miracles throughout his lifetime on earth. He resurrected Jarius’ daughter; he also walked on water when Peter questioned him and also allowed for him to walk on water. To this day Jesus continues to perform miracles. Christians pray for miracles when their loved ones and friends are in need. Most of the time, their prayers are answered and they believe that Jesus provided them with a miracle. In Genesis 1:1-31 God creates the world which to this day remains as he created it. Nothing has changed since God created it, and men have not changed it.

There were also various eyewitnesses during Jesus life. All of Jesus’ disciples and around 500 people claimed to have witnessed Jesus’ life and resurrection. Because they claimed to be witnesses, they were given hard labor, imprisoned, beaten, and often in danger of death. These witnesses could have lied just so they wouldn’t receive punishment, but instead they choose to stand their word. Why would anyone defend something that isn’t real if it meant getting punished? They couldn’t have hallucinated either, because 500 people can’t have the same hallucination.

Another piece of evidence would be the empty tomb. Many challengers against Christianity say that Jesus did not rise from the dead, but was in fact stolen by his disciples. Even if that were to be true, they are only proving that Jesus was in fact a real person. Whether Jesus did in fact resurrect or was stolen, both those challenge still prove he was real. In Mark 15:45 and Luke 24:12, Joseph of Arimathea put the Shroud of Turin on Jesus after he was crucified. His body was bleeding from his injuries on the cross. His face, cuts, and even the cut he received under his rib by the guard, were stained onto the blanket.

In conclusion Christianity has many points that can support its claim of eternal life for believing in God and giving your life to him. The challenges that are presented to Christianity can actually give more proof for Jesus’ existence. The challenges can actually be countered and responded to, such as why there is evil in the world, why the documents are reliable, and why Christ isn’t a mythological god. With further study, one can even find more evidence as to why Christ is real and find more proof as to the reason Christianity claims what it does.

Ultimate reality has no claim to a Higher Authority. In the Bible, it says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). This is the reality of Higher Authority for Christians. Faith is believing in that which is not seen. But the reality of a Christian’s Higher Authority, which is God, is the distinct and proven response to prayers and answers of miracles. Man cannot answer their own questions; if that were so, we would know all there is to know.

The different names for the Ultimate Reality as used by the world religions are intrinsically associated with highly developed conceptions shaped by many centuries of deep reflexions in regards to He who we call God. As it will be evidenced, the majority of them are in sharp contrast to God’s self-disclosure as revealed in the Bible. The way human beings perceive the ultimate reality deeply affects all dimensions of their existence and at the end may affect their eternal destiny. Therefore, it should be considered of extreme importance to make known to every people, tribe and nation all the truth that God was pleased to reveal about himself in his word.

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