My Favorite Season

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The weather in summer is very warm and sunny. You can go to the river, to the outdoor pool and swim there. But there are also rains in summer. The rains are small and warm, such rains are called mushroom rains. But on one holiday “Trinity” there was a heavy downpour that even in all the villages the lights were turned off. I was very scared then, but my mother says: “don’t be afraid, everything will be fine”.

The weather is brisk in summer.

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In the early morning, you can hear the singing of different birds. For example: nightingale, warbler, cuckoo, starling, they sing in our garden, grandfather made a birdhouse for them. In summer, all the grass is green and fresh. There are a lot of insects in the summer. For example: butterflies June beetles, butterflies – ladybugs and many other insects. There are a lot of animals in the forests: foxes, hares, bears, wolves, badgers and many others.

Children sometimes ask questions. And where can you go to rest in the summer? I’ll tell you that you can go to the village, to the camp. In the village, you will help your grandmother: water the beds, weed them, water and feed the animals. Lead them out to the herd. And if you want to go to the camp, then you will rest and play there.

Games in the summer are very diverse: you can play hide and seek, catch-up, volleyball, jump rope, rubber-band jumping and many other games. You can also play on the water. For example: water football, basketball.

You sometimes ask your mother: “Mom, what should I wear”? I’ll tell you what you can wear in the summer. T-shirts, dresses, sundresses, shorts, skirts, jeans. And when it gets cool outside, you can wear: a light jacket, jeans, sneakers or boots. When you go swimming you put on a swimsuit, swimming shorts. I like summer very much. Do you children love him?

But also I really love summer! At this time of year, everything blooms around, and nature becomes alive again! I like to wake up with the first rooster crow. Watch the sun rise slowly in the sky. I like to bask in its rays. And in the evening, all attention is attracted by a radiant sunset, filling any human heart with an irresistible feeling of happiness.

Every summer, my brother and I leave for the village to visit grandmother for all the holidays. We diligently help her in the household: we take care of vegetables in the garden and water a huge front garden with flowers. In summer, this front garden reminds me of the eighth wonder of the world, because each flower opens its bud, filling the entire area between the house and the fence. Many times I noticed how passers-by, passing by, could not take their eyes off the colorful plants. Often, my brother and I could spend the whole day in this small garden, watching the flower lazily throw back its petals and insects immediately flock to it.

In winter, spring and autumn, nature does not smell so beautifully. It even seems to me that all the flora and fauna every year is waiting for the summer, when you can finally feel free, shake off the heavy snow and get warm from the winds and frosts.

Summer is also a great time for new adventures! Only in warm seasons, hiking is an extraordinary pleasure. In the forest, you can see many animals, swim in the river, try real camping rations and at night, when the sky is covered with dark fog and the stars sanctify a black canvas, you can take a guitar and sing inspiring songs by the fire. I really love such trips, because it is in them that I feel myself as one with nature.

And most importantly, summer is the longest vacation. In three months I can have a good rest and start studying at school with renewed vigor!

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