My Family Trip to Miami

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A significant trip with my family was when we visited Miami, Key West, and The Bahamas. My family and I usually take three to four trips per year. We like to travel to places where you can explore and have fun, but mostly we like to travel to places with beautiful beaches. Traveling with my family helps me to overcome stress from the daily routine. This significant trip I will talk about has marked me with many unforgettable moments because of all the places we visited, and the enjoyment I spent with my family.

To start this fun adventure, we had to take a flight from Houston to Miami. The first place we visited was South Beach which was in Miami. There we explored the most visited attractions in South Beach and experience the fun activities they have for the tourist, for example, we took a helicopter ride which, was a ride that drove us along the beach and gave us the opportunity to see the bay from a higher level (Miami, FL Helicopter Tours).

Also, we took a tour boat that took us around the beach and showed us many interesting attractions and the different places you could visit while being in Miami, they also drove us to see the multimillion-dollar homes located around South Beach. Another fun activity we had was when we visited The Everglades National Park. There, we spotted crocodiles and alligators on an airboat safari (Miami Combo Tour). The Second place we visited was Key West. For us to get there, we had to aboard a plane which took us about 55 minutes to get to the island.

There, my family and I explored the fun attractions. We visited the famous Southernmost Point of the continent U.S, which is considered the lowest latitude land of the North American States. The fun started when we headed out for a full day of water sports. The first thing we did while being in the tropical waters of the coast of Key West was, jet-skiing this activity was fun and interesting because you could drive anywhere and witness wildlife in their natural environment (Key West Jet Ski Tours). The other fun activity we did while being out in the water was parasailing.

This activity was the best because we parasail high above the sparkling waters of Key West, enjoying breathtaking panoramic views. Also, while we were parasailing we spotted dolphins and tropical birds (Parasailing Key West). After one week of adventures in Florida, it was time for us to board a cruise from Miami, and head out to the last stop of the trip: The Bahamas. There we stayed in one of the most famous resorts called The Atlantis, which I now consider one of my favorites because it has everything you could imagine.

This resort offers us Water parks, Marine exhibits, Golf, and other enjoyable activities. The water park we visited was Aqua-Venture. This water park offered an extreme level of excitement and adventure because of the non-stop aquatic playground that offered high-speed water slides, a mile-long river ride with rolling rapids and wave surges. One of the best adventures in this resort was Snorkeling, because we got the opportunity to learn about marine conservation, coral reefs, and the marine life that inhabited them.

Also, this resort had the best customer service, because of the good conditions, and how well they attended the customers (Things to Do). After one week of fun and amazing activities in The Bahamas, it was time for us to head back to Florida and then back home. To summarize, the significant vacation I spent with my family has indelible me, with something that I will remembrance. This trip has marked me with many unforgettable moments because traveling with my family helps me to overcome stress from the daily routine and all the fun activities I did on this trip were something that I would like to repeat, because of the amazing time I spent with my family.

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