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In almost every organization, people are likely to work with good or bad bosses. Good bosses can be significant role models and provide people with a positive model of what competent leadership is like. My previous boss my Edgar Holmes, us the best boss I have ever come across. My Edgar sets high principles and anticipates nothing less from his employees. He is always accessible to listen and respond to any concerns raised. His direction on rough issues is very supportive in resolving problems promptly. When his employee has family issues, he is very cooperative in allowing a break.

Another great quality of Mr. Edgar is in his concentration to matching the workload in the midst of the staff. He does not pause to reallocate duties or to request the workforce to help a co-worker out at a time of a high workload period. Mr. Edgar demonstrated true leadership proficiency in sales and new business development. With an exclusive ability to understand compound models, he guided me into being a strategic gigantic in new business development in the community as well as business subdivisions. From what I learned from my previous manager, I realized that mistakes happen to the best of us. From this, I will incorporate this acknowledgment in any internal resistance that will appear anytime in future, and I will be able to handle things on my own. I also understand that more significant problems require a little help from superior powers and that the intention behind wanting to resolve something myself is excellent. This means that I will be good at my job and I will always work professionally in solving internal conflicts.

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I also realized from my previous boss that when there is a minor understanding between workers, it is good to take time to assess it. If it is just a matter of miscommunication, it is important to solve it amongst the workers. In case I witness any minor misunderstanding amongst workers, I will start peaceful, in-person dialogue and use the skills from my Edgar to resolve the conflict without involving the pertinent boss.I learned from Mr. Edgar that communication is the key to every problem.

Consequently, if in any case in future I fail to complete a time-sensitive task required by the boss, I will make sure that I communicate to him of the reasons why I failed. I am sure that the boss will be highly appreciative of the communication rather than keeping quiet and allowing things to become worse. Similarly, if there is a misunderstanding between me with a client or between any other workers with a client, I will do my best to resolve it. If by any chance the case goes beyond my capacity to fix it, I will make sure to engage the boss in a way that will solve the problem without difficulties.

I have as well learned from my previous manager that tremendous and positive attitudes are everything that sets the tempo for the day. In this case, I will always in future know how and when to hold particular situations calmly and when to drive certain conditions with a high degree of necessity. I will ever make my communication not hard to read and understand and thus relate well with my co-workers as well as the manager.

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