Men and Women have had Unequal Opportunities

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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For decades men and women have had unequal opportunities. When it comes to sports, women have less time being displayed within the media. Although there has been an advance in female athletes portrayed in media, females are still considered to be inferior to male athletes. It is very clear in society today that males dominate the sports media. I witness this everyday just from scrolling on social media, seeing ads, and watching commercials. The topic of women in sports media stuck with me because I am a woman and it makes me mad that men are looked at as they are supposed to be the center of attention in every aspect.

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This is not fair to women.

Sports media is largely conquered by males. Females are still underrepresented and do not receive the same amount of admiration as males. Men get 100% more attention than women whether it is from views, likes on social media, reposts on social media, etc. This is because it is argued that people do not enjoy female sports as much as male sports. People say that watching female sports is boring. I honestly can disagree with this. I would much rather watch women’s sports any day over men. I believe that watching women’s sports is more inspiring and entertaining to watch. Women work just as hard as men and can have the opportunities to go just as far in seasons as men. Because of this, I believe that women should be able to have just as much sports broadcasting as men.

I also understand that this lack of media coverage for women effects equal opportunities to make money off commendations, etc. They have less opportunities to be seen for sponsors and what not. This leads to an unequal pay for men and women in sports. Not only is it not fair that men take over sports media and women are underrepresented but now because of this, they also receive a great difference negatively in pay. That is absolutely due to gender inequality.

When male athletes receive attention from sports media, it has to do with their skills and physical ability and how strong they are. It focuses on their overall performance. When women are displayed in media it has to do with their physical appearance. I think that they display women in such a manner because it is what appeases the eye of the men and the so-called fans. It will give them more attention if women are looked at provocatively. This potentially sexualizes females not only in sports but in general as well. This creates a stigma of how all women should be portrayed in order to get the most attention. This is not fair to women athletes or any female at all. Women should not be objectified or get media attention due specifically to their body appearances. They need to be commended for their accomplishemtns and performances just like men.

In order to improve media coverage for women in sports, I believe that more women should be hired in sports media and broadcasting/journalism. This creates a more equal playing field for women in sports as well as women in everyday society/job opportunities. I also believe that women stick together and are able to observe more closely. It also gives an opportunity for them to advocate for women in sports. This will give more opportunities for the women in media to connect with women athletes and potentially make women more recognizable in media. Another way to make change would be to speak out against gender inequality. Gender inequality is always something to speak up about and needs to be addressed in every aspect.

Female sports and athletes deserve the same attention as male sports and athletes. I also believe that women should not be sexualized within media and should be noticed for their performance and skills 100% of the time over their physical appearance. Girls and women need to be able to play sports and receive equal attention and commendation as men do. Women athletes need to get the respect they deserve. This is an important topic because women can do anything men can do. They deserve the same amount of recognition and deserve to be treated equally. It just is plain not fair.”

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