Medical Marijuana Legalization the Good Bad and Ugly

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The legalization of medical marijuana has been discussed amongst the country’s states for decades. Medical marijuana legalization has taken a positive shift throughout these years and is now legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia. The initial drug, marijuana, was band for the dangerous effects it brought to people. Throughout the year’s people have turned to marijuana to ease anxiety, pain, and stress. Legalizing marijuana has brought multiple perspectives on the topic. Differences such as medical marijuana legalization, recreational legalization, why it should be legalized and why it shouldn’t be.

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Medical marijuana has won over legalization in multiple states. The problem withholding other states for legalizing it is the feeling that the state is announcing that recreational use is now in effect. The reason for legalizing marijuana is only for medical use and not recreational nirvana. A message states withholding legalization fear will not be made clear. Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are separate subjects. This tends to confuse the public as people tend to assume that medical marijuana is the excuse to announce the personal use of marijuana. According to “”How will pot legalization affect medical marijuana?””, by Rodger Collier, the recreational purpose of, getting high, is an overdose usage of the drug. Medical marijuana is used just enough to control the patient’s symptoms with them able to function properly. When it comes down to it, realizing the company carrying the marijuana can determine if it is truly medical marijuana based. Medical marijuana is not smoked though is in the form of a pill. Thus, providing the correct dosage for patients without, getting high, the recreational use term. Companies truly providing medical marijuana tend to be cheaper. Not only cheaper but provide more experience on the product. They have call centers, customer service, and scientific knowledge about the drug itself. For medical use of marijuana, there must be an absolute medical reasoning for you to obtain the drug. It is distributed to a low number of people who have medical conditions not able to be controlled with the assigned medications for their condition. Recreational use is for a person’s enjoyment, not a healing purpose. A person using medical marijuana only receives the required amount with no overdose effect like those with a recreational purpose.

Medical marijuana can be misleading as the term “”medical”” seems to make it okay to use in the eyes of teens and young adults. Recreational use seems to have increased dramatically over the years and introducing medical marijuana has seemed to do nothing but make it grow faster. On federal terms, marijuana use to be a drug with the same consequences as heroin and LSD. State laws were once the same as federal laws. Now states have edited laws to a lower consequence when someone is in possession of marijuana. Use of medical marijuana was then passed in 1996, making the use of marijuana acceptable if given a recommendation from a doctor. The concern of sending the wrong message to the youth only grew as the percentage of teen use of marijuana continued to grow. Misleading young children into believing medical marijuana is a safe drug is extremely dangerous. The youth are led to believe that the use of marijuana is okay. Not being able to understand the use of medical marijuana, teens and young adults are misled to believe that all uses of marijuana are okay. Not comprehending the fact that marijuana is an extremely addictive drug when used without the proper physicians help. Marijuana has come across to youth as an okay drug. As states continue to legalize the drug, this will only grow as in the mind of the youth, the drug is a medicine. The states lack of notifying the drug for just how dangerous it can be, confirms in the mind of the youth that marijuana is completely okay to use.

Not only is marijuana capable of sending the wrong message but it can bring across the right one too. Medical marijuana was made to take upon a positive role in the world. Physician’s found that marijuana can be a replacement for some of the highly addictive painkillers and anti-depressants. Hussain, Maharra “”Legalization of medical marijuana leads to a decrease in prescription painkillers and anti-depressant usage in the USA””, 5 October 2016, states that the legalization of medical marijuana has led to a decrease in purchased prescriptions of painkillers and anti-depressants. All prescriptions used to treat anxiety, depression, nausea, pain, psychosis, seizures, sleep disorders, and spasticity, all which can be treated with marijuana have decreased in sales productions compared to prescriptions to treat things such as, blood-thinners, have stayed the same. Medical marijuana has also been linked to helping with post-chemotherapy vomiting, anorexia, and muscle spasms in certain neurological conditions. Also showing an increase in medical marijuana reducing the use of opioids for cancer-related pain. Proving that medical marijuana, if brought about the correct way, can have a major impact on the world of medicine. Taking away the addictive opioids and replacing it with a less addictive alternative can help people manage their pain/conditions in a safer environment.

Medical marijuana has brought upon multiple questions about how it would affect our country and if legalizing it would bring nothing but an improvement. Medical marijuana has come across both positive and negative to the country and its states. Depending on how medical marijuana is presented and how serious you handle it, depends on the effect it has on the people. Medical marijuana is proven to be a very serious drug to handle but handled by the right people can bring relief to those who have been searching for it. Medical marijuana should be used for medical reasons only. Providing recreational use of marijuana only allows our youth to feel it’s okay to use it. Taken into the right hands, medical marijuana can have endless possibilities considering all it’s done now.

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