Martin Luther’s Religious

Using the attached worksheet and outside research, answer the following questions with at least a 4-6 sentence paragraph. This is not an assignment where it is acceptable to just copy and paste answers. You need to read and research the question and provide authentic answers. This assignment is to be turned in on itslearning so I can make sure you did not copy answers

Who was Martin Luther? Martin Luther was a teacher of geology and known as a German Monk. He was often worried about sinning with the Christian culture and not making it to heaven. Later on, Luther answered his question by reading Roman 1:17 “The righteous shall by his faith”. This means that faith only in Jesus was what could save a person, not good deeds.

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What were Martin Luther’s religious views? Paul’s letter to the Romans. Romans 1:17 states “the righteous shall by his faith”. This means that faith in Jesus is what could save a person, not good deeds. Good works and rituals could not save a person either if they did not believe.

Explain what indulgences were? Why were they so popular? In 1517, Luther posted to a church door in Wittenburg his 95 theses saying that salvation is achieved through faith alone. After, the church citizens laughed and got mad at Luther. These people were called Lutherans.

Why did Martin Luther dislike indulgences? Martin Luther did not like the Indulgence due to them not approving Luther’s idea on the 95 theses. Lutherans were the ones who stopped his quest to salvation. All Luther wanted was for things to be better but due to this, he did not like indulgences.

In your opinion, which of Martin Luther’s disagreements with the Catholic were most influenced by the Renaissance idea of Humanism? Why? Martin Luther’s disagreements with the Catholic were most influenced by the renaissance idea of humanism because of Indulgences. Luther did not only hate them so much that he figured it was the last time he deals with it. And because of this it led to the 95 theses.

What was the long-term impact of Martin Luther’s break from the Catholic Church? The long term impact of Luther’s break from the Catholic Church was because he was excommunicated. Lutherans also were an impact on Luther.

Explain what the “Diet of Worms” was

The Diet of worms was in 1520, when Pope Leo X told Luther to give up his beliefs. Luther then burned the paper in front of him forcing him to be excommunicated. The Roman Emperor, Charles V decided that Luther was an outlaw.

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