Mahatma Gandhi’s Inspiring Ideas

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“There was once a civil rights leader by the name Mahatma Gandhi, who once said “The best way to find yourself in the service of others.” The purpose of this statement is to show the importance of helping others as a way of discovering more about yourself. Gandhi’s quote inspired and helped many people learn about themselves. Serving others can lead to you learning and experience new things about yourself.

I once helped someone with their groceries to their car just to see them smile they were very grateful.I seen them struggle In summation, serving others a way of experience new things and show much you really care about others.

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Those whose are fortunate seem to accept things for granted. For example, people don’t like to help people who are in need. I realized this when my dad broke his arm and was hurt in the hospital. We had a great time laughing and joking with each other, he is a nice caring person who don’t take anything for granted. Even through all the pain he was dealing with his arm, he still was a happy person. In fact, being around my dad, showed me a deeper understanding within my own actions.

Some people say, when one is serving another, they are only thinking about themselves. Therefore, that person can’t find themselves, if he or she is focused on another person. However, a lot of people are too afraid to talk to others. With that being said, without this experience of opening yourself up to others, some people will never reach their full potential in discovering the greatness in themselves and committing their time to caring about the people who are less blessed.

Mahatma Gandhi quote was inspiring and helpful. His quote allowed people to see new things and great from a different perspective. Encouraging those in need brings moments that will never be forgotten and will guide other people like, family members and friends to better things.”

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