Civil Rights Leader – Mahatma Gandhi

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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An extremely influential civil rights leader, by the name of Mahatma Gandhi, once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” My interpretation of the quote is that one can discover a numerous amount of qualities in a needy person, as they possibly maybe similar to oneself. Helping others allows you to develop a new perspective on life that can be quite humbling, it can truly gives you a wonderful experience in general, but some people may think that helping others makes you forget about yourself.

Helping others allows you to find yourself in many ways. In my personal experience helping out at the nursing home makes me more cheerful and joyus. I was at my happiest point by just seeing the elderly people smiling by me simply just talking and being there with them. I felt better about myself knowing that I wasn’t just doing something to benefit me but also others. In summation, serving others can allow an individual to find oneself and what they truly care about.

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Those who are more fortunate tend to take things for granted. Although we all truly need to help one another out regardless of what position we are in. For example, when I once volunteered at a food drive I realized that I really need to volunteer more. It put a smile on my face giving other people meals that they typically don’t receive on their own, and knowing I was doing a good deed. It made me discover that I have a desire to do good things in this cruel world.

Although one could argue that when helping others, the person serving completely forgets about themselves. If that was the case a person can’t discover themselves if they aren’t actually thinking about them self, but their only thought is other people’s lives . Many individuals often hesitate to go out and help others because of that. However your only boundary is you and without this experience of giving yourself up to others, you may never reach your full potential in finding your true self.

Mahatma Gandhi’s quote impacted me greatly and actually very much humbled me. Helping others will lead you to a more positive view on people, leading you to discover better qualities in yourself and others. It leads us to being more accepting by taking on a new view on life. In the end I totally agree with Gandhi that “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

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