Love in the Metamorphosis

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Updated: Jun 20, 2022
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The confinement that Gregor created for himself was a problem for him in the end because this lead to a bigger problem later on in the story, he made himself the victim of existentialism since he was trapped in an insects’ body. In the story, Gregor “once again saw his limbs fighting one another” (The Metamorphosis, Page 4). He was unable to get out of bed but soon realized that he was in fact a bug and not a human anymore. Once he realizes that he is unable to do anything to help his family, he starts to isolate himself from the world and stay in his house.

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He tries to make himself happy with the realization that he has become a giant bug.

Gregor shows existentialism through his character as well as being unhappy and in denial of his situation. Kafka tries to show how Gregor is struggling when he first realizes that he has become a giant bug in which he unable to do most of the human things that he was used to before. He comes to an existential crisis when he notices that he does not want anyone to see or come to visit him. He is now forced to do everything on his own.

Samsa tries to understand how to be able to take care of his family, “he remembered his family with deep feelings of love”(The Metamorphosis, Page 38). His role in the family is starting to become limited due to the fact that he has turned into a giant insect. Samsa’s family was leaning on him and expected more from him. once he realizes that he is an insect, Gregor was unable to keep his relationship with them and started to isolate himself from his family and the world. He was unable to work, very unhappy, as well as not being able to do most of the things that he used to do. After all, he was a huge bug there were limitations in what he was able to do. It started to take him a very long time do all of the things that he needed to get done inside the house rather than before he was turned into an insect. Everything became harder and harder for Gregor to accomplish.

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