Life Without Social Media: Contemplating the Personal and Societal Changes

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Updated: Aug 30, 2023
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To ask Generation Y kids to imagine a world without social media is like asking them to imagine a world without water or air. But when you ask older people the same question, it’s easy for them to answer. You’re basically asking them to imagine a large part of their youth.

Life Without Mainstream Platforms

Today, without Facebook, we would lose our normal play area to engage ourselves, chat with friends and break the dullness of life. Without Twitter, how might we know the simple second an outrage surfaces in some random corner of the world; who’s going out with whom and, who got dumped, who’s truly achy to visit the family with seasonal flu?

Revisiting the Old Ways of Communication

In a world without ‘tweetups, ‘ friends would really get together.

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In the past, we called up relatives frequently or potentially. This might come as a shock: we really visited them. Indeed, we physically got ourselves off a chair and went to our friend’s homes. Presently, on the off chance that you have to connect with your best friend, why call? Why even text when you can send a Tweet or a DM (coordinate message)? Older schoolers would feel this adds up to executing any genuine human correspondence, though new schoolers would trust they are communicating now like never before.

Influencing World Events and Personal Lives

In a world without Twitter, Trump probably wouldn’t have become president. In a world without Facebook, quirky young men would not stand an opportunity to state ‘hello’ to the pretty girls in their class. In a world without Youtube, we could never have known or watched any of the K-pop videos.

This social network and messaging culture are changing how individuals identify with society, their folks, and their companions. Without it, we wouldn’t have the capacity to create connections in view of normal interests. We would be tied in with experiencing the old-school movements of maintaining connections like developing plants. Without social media, our gathering of friends would potentially be significantly less culturally diverse; however, maybe it would have been a tightly wound local group of friends. Today we are more associated with each other than at any other time in recent memory; however, without social media, incidentally, maybe we’d likewise be significantly less desolate and removed from each other. In a non-virtual world, would there be less emotional separations, mental exhaustion, and tension?

Of course, without social media, wouldn’t efficiency itself be influenced negatively, considering the way that these websites have turned into a major form for making business associations and work contacts, where individuals can connect to thousands in a moment with the additional dash of a human component? Without it, we would be stuck in a stone-age world directing business one telephone call or email at once.

My little cousin, a 15-year-old Facebook gen-young girl, says it enables her to ‘escape’ at some random point in time. It allows her to escape awkward social interactions.

A Final Thought on a World Without Social Media

So do we reason that a world without social media would be much more tricky and socially unstable than the world as it is today? Or, on the other hand, would we have the calm presence of being ourselves instead of playing out a character just like one’s profile? However, we, as a whole, do it impulsively. Will you truly consider this reliance on social media an actual addiction when nearly everybody is snared on to it? I think not.

Regardless of whether we Snapchat or Instagram stalk, it’s fair to state that the unrest of Social media has turned our advancement into another lifestyle. So a world without social media, not considering whether we think it is good or bad, would nonetheless be considered a step back for the world.

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