Labeling Can Affect Everyone

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Updated: Apr 29, 2021
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Labeling Can Affect Everyone essay

Our nation is so fast and so divided that cannot be asked to personally be liable for the modern aspect of our nation at any given time because that’s only going to be any given time and the point usually renders half of our nation. I have always believed that we are pretty equally divided nation right now. Usually, the public discourse we either to agree with or disagree with unfortunately we don’t have any commonality or middle ground we all talk about these days. 

In this book “On Tyranny Twenty Lessons from the Centaury” by Timothy Snyder who is an American author-historian, academic specializing in the history of central and Eastern Europe and the Holocaust. It seems he wanted the book to be applicable use immediately. On ‘tyranny’ is trying to illuminate the lessons of the past its main aim is to burn off the fog of neglect that could be permanently dismantling to our liberties so we can see and protect them. To address the question “Take Responsibility for the Face of the World”(Snyder 32). The author argues while the nation at its particular risk of falling on tyranny, Americans are no wiser, and we continue to develop from our historical experiences such as Racism. 

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Snyder claims that people haven’t overcome racial equality in any other generation it must come to an end due to face opposing acceptance, yet it feels more signs of hatred to African American. Synder captures his contradiction in his opening example “Do not look away, and do not get used to them. Remove them yourself for others to do so”(32). In other words, is racial barrier yet to overcome or just political bias? The answer depends on the nature of people’s social ethnicity and their acceptance of these social circles. 

For instance, A few years ago there was a horrible event on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson Missouri Michael Brown an 18year old African American was killed by police abuse of their power. What started as a local conflict quickly became a complex story about racial justice and the use of police force. The tension between law enforcement and protestors continues to ratchet up. This brings African Americans living under a constant state of treat heightened up the awareness and sensitivity which makes things happened to them an even powerful effect. Conventional wisdom has it that police officers all over the world have been recognized often that racial profiling and unnecessary acts. 

After reading the article” Racism versus Professionalism: Claims and Counter-claims about Racial Profiling”(Henry and Tator). They claim that law enforcement or security officials the fact is that implicit biases affect the way we relate to others in a very real way. These are the most uncomfortable for us to explore and understand which is why they’re so important to understand.

Dr. Frances Henry is social anthropologist specializes experts on the race and racism in society. Carol Tator has been teaching intercultural, anti-racism and training skills of the department of anthropology reveal as the prominent Tator and Henry puts it, (‘‘The attitude underlying is one that may be consciously or unconsciously held. The police officer need not be an overt racist. His or her conduct may be based on subconscious racial stereotyping”(Source). This leads to a negative effect on police officer the public eye cycle starts with prejudice taking hold in a society, often as a strategy for concluding economic or social power for a certain group. 

I believe that dialogue is the only solution that we can build trust in law enforcement. It means to bring people together to find what they have in common that they could actually build trust with law enforcement ideas like increase of complaint process, mediated conversation and letting them wear body cameras in their uniforms. African Americans men have been countless misjudge with criminal records because of their color.

Typically most of our mindsets are cultivated and molded by the platform society has created to display their image. This issue has occurred troubles throughout the history of America especially on black stereotypes. But the movement cannot be evaluated with such harm has occurred. 

Brent Staples journalist of The New York Time’s first winner for editorial writing also expertise on racism asserts. “To her, the youngish black man a broad six feet two inches with a beard and billowing hair, both hands shoved into the pockets of a bulky military jacket seemed menacingly close”(Staples 1). This really gets to the people an idea to expect that they’re going to be when they encounter a person to somewhat treating like an African American. This shows it to this woman that seemed like something to fear and to run away from even though his just passing by the streets for a walk. 

In recent discussions of Staples, a controversial issue labeling has been a problem for decade’s distrust generations of people have been born into. Perhaps the challenges will end when the attitude change so my purpose stands and will not change until there is no fear, labels, oppression, stigma, and judgment. Over the amount of racial hatred has happened to our society it has to come to an end. Although there are still problems to overcome the raciallydivided society where everybody is going to different directions, labeling lowers the self-esteem they are afraid to not fit in, and police brutality leads to trauma especially on black people. 

Eliminating racism will lead to stop labeling people, to be open-minded with different cultures. Improving the justice system is a high steaks conversation that everyone has to participate in if we are going to strengthen our democracy we need to challenges ourselves question our biases and preconceptions and understand by putting ourselves in different people’s shoes how they experience life in our society. It is all than that we can say also believe that our government works for all of us not just some of us.

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