Islamic Faith in Saudi Arabia

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Islamic Faith in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is deeply rooted in Islamic traditions, with its laws and cultural practices closely intertwined with the tenets of Islam. Home to Islam’s holiest sites, Mecca and Medina, it plays a central role in the global Islamic community. Exploring the intricacies of faith in this context offers insights into the nation’s governance, societal norms, and its role in the broader Muslim world. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Faith topic.

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I had the perception that only Muslims lived in Saudi Arabia and Islam was the only religion present in this region. However, it later came to my attention that there were persons from different communities living in Saudi Arabia who didn’t even believe in God. I realized that these people never exposed their identity due to fears that they may be treated badly by other persons. Stories about non-Muslims who exposed their identity and were locked in prisons exist.

The procedures of dealing with such people involved being given advice and were released in the condition that they will reconvert to be Muslims.

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In a situation where those given warning are found guilty of trying to be non-Muslims, the penalty they get was to be killed. As I was contemplating on why the Islam community deals with issues that are of no importance to me, many had the perception that I was mistaken and I was going against the Muslim religion.

Several accusations were made about such as I wasn’t pleasing God and I would perish in hell just because I wasn’t careful to observe all the customs of the Muslims such as wearing hijabs. I was accused to house the devil in my body and that I never deserved to be alive. During my university studies in my country I studied history on Islam religion as well as Prophet Muhammad. Due to fact that much of the information provided in class did not make sense, I was obliged to ask questions.

My teacher would fume in anger and never entertained my questions. I was accused of attacking the Islamic religion and send to the principal who was a Muslim for punishment. Although I was a Muslim I had several queries about the religion which if answered would give me the clarifications I was eager to get. On the day that followed, I was accused by my friends of being an embarrassment to them. They now considered me not to be their friend.

I never comprehended the reason they decided to withdraw their friendship considering the fact that the actions also went against the religion as they had told their stories about their adventures and actions. I had learnt from my country that if you are right you will be forsaken and learnt to keep my ideas to myself and never discuss them with others. It is always difficult to succeed in life if there is demand that you do exactly what other are doing. Due to utmost love my father had to me, he ended up overprotecting me. I didn’t have freedom to do what I wanted for I was always under my father’s control.

According to my father, freedom would only be granted when I go to my matrimonial home. In a case when I wanted to move out of our home, my father had suggested than I should get married first for the fear that I would lose my virginity in the place I was to go. This happened in cases where I wanted to travel for a job or do my masters studies. My father elaborated that having sex outside wedlock would attract a death penalty. I was unable to handle all these demands and to retaliate, started by shaving off my air. My mom cried and my little sister secluded me. It was indeed a miserable day for my family.

Shaving my hair played a great role in changing my father’s attitude because He then allowed me to get a job. Later, I was awarded a scholarship to study English and pursue my masters degree. I gained a lot of experience from this story as should aim to be the victor and not the victim. One should lead the people to do the good activities. It is unfortunate that Saudi Arabian society is a male dominated society but one should not give up.

One should believe in themselves stand out to get their rights. In America my teachers have enables me realize my potentials by efficient teaching. The teachers have the perception that I am unique, frank, sturdy and able to think critically as well as being open-minded. They are pleased and belief I will have a well-paid job soon. Some people believe it is a must you be religious for you to have the right principles and ethic. This is not correct because I have good moral principles and I am not religious. Lastly, would the Americans regard me as they do if I would have been in a Christian Family?

Saudi Arabia has approximately 24 cities and I am from Jeddi. We have different cultures and my culture defines me. It makes me to have freedom and be independent. I will be narrating to my family all that which impacted on me. I will be interested in describing my parents from the time I was a child till now. I have learnt what made them to be strict and religious. They were eager to follow the teaching of the church without questions. I now want God to love me. It is now the ideal time that every family child wants to be with like me. My questions on Islam religion were intended to help me know what the real meaning of Islam.

Many changes happened when I went to college. I began studying Quran other I had read it earlier but I was surprised because a number issues did not make sense. I wanted to change my religion but I was unable to make a choice. In my culture, boys are preferred to girls. It is believed that men have more rights the women. Fairness should be exercised to reduce male dominance. In those days before I went for master’s studies, my father was a large barrier.

He only supported my brothers to move out of the family but not me just because I was a girl. I am not sure who should be blamed for what happened. I learnt to be independent by working. I can state that my culture was quick to grow up because I had to challenge the existing culture.

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