Innovation in our Life

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Innovation can be defined according to Manuylenko et al. (2015) producing something new, for example, an idea, a device or a product that meet peoples’ essential needs. Similarly, Stenberg (2017) defined innovation as the process of linking ideas and notions, and create unique relationships between current achievements and prior ideas and experience to discover novel and promising solution to future problems.

These definitions of innovation revealed the importance of highlighting the diffusion of innovation theory, according to Dearing and Cox (2018) it tries to convince people with the utilities of innovation in all perspectives of their lives, and it focused on what makes innovation spread with success and acceptance of people and understanding the needs of consumer segments.

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This is exactly what Apple Watch should focus on as innovation couldn’t succeed by depending on individual, so this company should focus on certain points in order to disseminate innovation and to be accepted by customers; Robinson (2009) stated two categories of characteristics that make innovation diffused.

First of all, the consumer – dependent characteristics, for example, relative advance which means customers perceive that innovation will produce such as services, goods and products better than the current ones in terms of its ability to develop the customers’ life socially or physically. When the idea is clear, the relative advantage is large so the adoption will need short time. Furthermore, innovation is compatible with the target groups’ values, rituals and culture, so they will easily adopt it without any kind of resistance.

In addition to that, it is simple and easy to use and require less efforts exerted by the customers, it is also less risky and thereby innovation continues, and it will be smoothly adopted by people. Secondly, the consumer – independent characteristics that enhance the diffusion of innovation are the following: trialability , according to Rambocas and Arjoon,2012, trialability is the possibility of attempting the innovation to have a thorough idea about new useful and comfortable things this innovation will provide customers.

If the advantages of the innovation can be easily observed, adoption will occur automatically. Moreover, if the innovation is complex, and consumer couldn’t know how to use it, consumers will not adopt it. In this vein, Apple Watch can easily work in the light of this theory by providing more relative advantages to its customers such as linking next generation of the Watch to customers’ cellular, so they can make and receive calls using the watch, listen to music, chat with their friends, join their online meetings.

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