Inequality Seems to be a Relevant Topic in India

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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One can say that over time progress has been made to deal with the unbalanced justice but that’s not what data shows. In the past decade, while India’s GDP has stammered growth, there has been around 6% decline in female labor force participants from 34% to 27% in 2016. India is succeeding economically but women are not. Instead of having maybe a slight grow there was a decline in female labor force.

A portrayel of how females in India have not been getting the necessary treatment and opportunity as the men.

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There could be other factors alongside that but overall it portrays the message in which overall female’s in the workplace have instead of grown has declined, not promising Nehru’s goal of the to demolish of inequality. The name women alone seem to have such a stigma around it. The name brings fear to the Indian society. A recent report by the National Crime Records Bureau states that crimes against women have doubled over the past ten years. As many as 2.24 million crimes against women have been reported over the past decade; it’s estimated that 26 crimes against women are reported every hour, revealed by an IndiaSpend analysis. Crimes against women have been at a staggering high, definitely not meeting the Nehru’s goal. If one really thinks about 26 crimes every hour just alone one a female is sickening. Cultural preferences as well as play a role in India’s gender inequality.

India’s preference for sons keeps them to birth millions of what are deemed as “unwanted girls.” Culturally it is ingrained that sons will become the caretakers for their parents in old age, an old idea stemmed in ignorance. While surely a male could probably provide for their family, women could do the same, although the majority of India does not see that. Most are stuck in their old ways, the stereotypical idea of masculinity and femininity.

The World Economic Forum even ranks India 108th in World Economic Forum (WEF) gender gap, a number in which has been consistent since 2017. Nehru would agree on the idea that inequality still has a long way to go specifically for women. Policies need to be enforced and people’s perception of women are in need of changing because ignorance does play a big role in that. While Nehru envisioned that India could leave ignorance and inequality in the past it seems that even today it’s an ongoing issue.

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