India has a Large Disparity between the Men and Women Living in its Country

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Updated: May 24, 2021
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“Women and are often forced in to a specific role as the caregiver, as well as, viewed as an easy target for rape. Families will often kill or abort their babies once they realize it is female or continue trying for a boy after the girl is born. Woman are not treated with the same decency as men and are not considered to be equal in India.

The 2014 Gender Inequality Index stated that India scored a 0.795 out of 1, with 0 being homogenous and 1 being highly fragmented, on the World Value Survey. According to additional data found on the World Values Survey, 54.2 percent of citizens living in India believe that when jobs are scarce, men have more of a right to the work than a women does. It was also found that 52 percent of citizens surveyed agree men would be better political leaders than women.

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The New York Times stated in an article published in 2018, that India ranks 131 of 188 countries on the U.N. Development Program’s Gender Inequality Index. “Dowry, female infanticide and women’s education are persistent issues despite decades of successive governments’ efforts to address them,” The New York Times said.

Women political leaders account for only 12 percent of the lower house in the legislature in India. India is the world’s largest democracy and features a multiparty system with two national parties, as well as, regional ones which compete for voter support. They follow a single-member district electoral system and use an electoral vote, which means whoever has the most votes, wins the election. This means that when multiple candidates run, even if the winner has a relatively low percentage, they will still win. India is also a “clientelistic democracy” because it relies on the voters caring more about the benefits they might receive from a specific party rather than its ideology. India also incorporate a parliamentary system into their democracy through the Executive-Legislative system, which utilizes common law practices and scored a 38 out of 100 on the Bureaucracy scale.

CNN published an article talking about the disparities between men and women. According to the report, the preference for boys and the use of sex-selective operations, means there’s a gender gap of as many as 63 million girls. For every 107 males born in India, there are 100 females. According to the World Health Organization the natural sex ratio at birth is 105 males for every 100 females.

Women’s representation in the legislature is very small because of political culture and India’s view on women in general. They are treated like they only have one purpose, to be a mother and homemaker, and are treated by society as if they are unwanted. Women cannot advance in the political system unless they are willing to jump through impossible hoops set by the country and the men.”

India has a Large Disparity between the Men and Women Living in its Country essay

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