Importance of Foster Care Agencies

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The foster care agency takes in about 250,000 kids every year. Having that many children entering the system increases the issues of finding the proper caregiver for a child. Just as these problems are created, many effects can develop for the child that can last short-term and possibly long-term. Luckily, there are many ways to help these obstacles. Foster care agencies may construct unfavorable situations due to the choice of caregivers and the overabundance of problems that are created in the system; however, there are any ways that either individual can take to enhance the repugnant situation and its effects as well.

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In pursuance for a great future to come in place, an appropriate selection of a caregiver must take place (Blythe et. Al 88). All kinds of issues could take place for the parent and the child if an inappropriate foster parent is given responsibility over the foster child. It is imperative for the agency to choose a foster parent that is fit to provide the care for the health and safety of their new kids (Blythe et. Al 88). Meaning, the foster parents must be capable to provide all the child’s vital needs so that they can be a very important citizen to society one day. Research has discovered that foster parents will experience more anxiety and stress when compared to adults in their surrounding communities (Blythe et. Al 88).

Precisely because the foster parent was not capable of being an adequate parent for the child. Every child is unique and remarkable in their own way, so it would make sense for the right foster parent to be chosen. As a result, when some foster parents are not appropriate for the foster child then they can experience a range of extreme breakdowns from threats to themselves, anger, guilt, and a loss of sleep (Blythe et. al 88). Sadly, the foster parent can perhaps take that sort of anger out on the child if these unfortunate events occur. Whenever the foster parent abandons or abuses the child in any way this can develop a wide range of short-term ad explicitly long-term complications for the child.

Because of picking an unacceptable foster parent, the foster child can undergo a lot of struggles and drawbacks during and later in their lives. Even before children will enter into the foster care system most will experience maltreatment which is the main reason that children will be put into the system (Salazar 140). This is ironic by the virtue of that once a child enters the foster care system they will automatically experience neglect and maltreatment from their selected foster parents! Many children will average about five to six years in the foster care system and go through about four to seven homes (Salazar 140).

Children need a stable home to have an effective life, and if any child critically needs a stable household it would be the children in the system. Unfortunately, many children in the foster care system will have attended as many as eleven schools by the time they reach their senior year of high school (Williamson 62). This problem occurs because children that are in the foster care system have been switching to new foster parents’ home, so they will have no choice but to change schools which is very tough on a child’s perspective. Due to the lack of communication between the foster parent and the child, the probability that the child will encounter substance abuse, run-ins with the law and teen pregnancies increase (Zlotnick et. al 534). Having an understanding and caring parent could help a foster child with their psycho-social issues. These problems likely exist mainly because most foster children feel “unwanted and abandoned by their original parents as well as their previous foster parents (Interview 1). Research has discovered that children have been I their foster care system will enter their lives as an adult with astonishingly fewer resources and support compared to the rest of the population of children that enter adulthood. (Salazar 140).

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