Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Human trafficking comes in many different forms such as sex trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Sex exploitation is based on the interaction between a trafficker selling an individual, victim being smuggled to customers for sexual services. Labor trafficking includes situations of debt bondage, forced labor, and involuntary child labor. Labor trafficking uses violence, threats, lies, and other forms of coercion to force people to work against their will in which most cases have no knowledge on the activities that will ensue.

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There are also illegal immigrants who are trafficked in the United States without the knowledge of the government. This is a criminal act going highly unnoticed. Due to a drastic increase in trafficked immigrants, the statics in Texas showed a high increase in deaths rates in 2016. In addition, according to the United States statistics, it shows that human trafficking increased the crime rates in the U.S. The focus question of this paper is, Is there any impact that human trafficking has in the United States when it comes to the negative and positive aspects?


Illegal immigrants have a high chance of experiencing human trafficking. Human migration has been and still is, intimately connected with the transformations of the world’s economy. Mass migrations were a common phenomenon in pre-modern world politics, in which they shaped the fates of empires and entire civilizations. Only in a rather late historical phase did the rise of territorial and national states start to impose constraints on migration flows according to (Koslowski, 200). In many cases, many foreigners come in the U.S claiming to visit their family members then overstay and start to learn about the U.S system. When they feel like they got the system down that’s when they start their fraud businesses. One example of this is phone banking scams because they make profit from calling unknown numbers. It is considered survival fitness for them.

Many illegal immigrants are felonies which means they aren’t capable of working in the United States. Since they aren’t capable of working, they go off to do illegal things with hopes of not being captured. Many try to provide for their families, pay bills, or just try to keep enough money to live a sustainable life. While Americans have a lot of jobs to choose from, illegal immigrants may have to work twice as hard. With everything going on today with the current president of the United States, illegal immigrants are being discussed tremendously.

Illegal immigrants trafficking in person (TIP) is the exploitation of unwilling or unwitting people through force, coercion, threat, or deception. In contrasting to smuggling can be compared to a modern form of slavery, prompting former secretary of the State of Condoleezza Rice to say that defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling of our day . Within the illegal immigrants according to the Europol and Interpol working together to develop information on international terrorism, drug trafficking and trafficking in human beings including sex trafficking. The United nation, notice that trafficking in person and human smuggling are some of the fastest growing areas of international criminal activity today. Human smuggling is illegal immigration in which an agent is paid to help a person cross a border clandestinely according to, Frank Schmalleger, Criminal Justice Brief Introduction, (109). The current president of the United States, Donald Trump came up with a phrase saying spending money on border wall will save billions (Oprysko). President Donald Trump has in recent weeks dangled the threat of shutting down the border as groups of asylum-seeking migrants traveled from Central America with the aim of coming to the U.S (Oprysko). In this society, it’s hard to judge these illegal immigrants that migrate to get a better life. Which is why the current president decided to open up the border again for the immigrants. It was noted that those illegal immigrants are the ones building America up. For example, the roads, buildings and most importantly agriculture therefore illegal human trafficking can have positive aspects.

In nowadays the undocumented and documented immigrants abuse their privileges of living in the United States where it causes so much harm in the U.S. Today, human trafficking takes many forms. In the United States, for example, human trafficking cases have involved migrants (both documented and undocumented), the exploitation of children who have run away from home to escape abuse and the abuse of developmentally disabled adults who are forced to work for long hours with little pay .

So far, we’ve seen the desperation that illegal immigrants face as they migrate into the U.S. We’ve also seen what this desperation can do. It can cause them to become the traffickers, rapists and to do things that a normal person would be found doing in order to make a living or survive “ and that increases the crime rate which is bad for the society as a whole. On the other hand, however, this same desperation causes millions of immigrants to be trafficked every day. Thousands of young girls from African and Spanish speaking descent are constantly deprived of their youth and childhood and taken as slaves to become prostitutes. Why? Because they’ve been lured with the promise of good jobs and financial freedom. These false promises come from the same desperate immigrant that practice phone banking scams and these same scammers have also been promised some form of financial help if they can traffic young girls. The individual at the top of the human-trafficking chain in most of these cases tends to be a multi-millionaire hardworking civilian. It’s easy for one to see that just like kerosene is to fire, desperation is to these immigrants. Fire can cause a whole house to burn down or it could help to preserve and create food. If these immigrants are seen as a force meant to destroy rather than a force to create and increase the U.S economy then we leave them no choice. Look at the cleaners and people that do odd jobs! Most of them are immigrants and it’s mainly because this career field has reduced its barriers for employment

Overall human trafficking is wrong before man especially in the criminal justice courts as an immigrant. That’s when certain immigrants come about forcing marriage and raping young girls just to gain a citizenship.

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