How People Embrace Diversity and New Values

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In “quilt of a country” Anna Quindlen argues people can coexist by learning to accept diversity and appreciate our differences. An example of this is when a historian named Daniel Boorstin wrote “ of all the nations in the world, the United States was built in. Nobody’s image”. This illustrates how the world as we know it, has nobody put first or is made and dedicated to one person, instead we have multiple people doing great things in our society. Therefore, this idea is important because as we grow in our society it shows how we can all be United and run as individuals without someone telling us what to do or follow someone else’s path.

Another instance of accepting diversity is shown when Quindlen argues that “Once these disparate parts were held together by a common enemy, by the fault lines of of world wars and the electrified fence of communism”. Clearly quindlen conveys a sign of unity within us as the text says we are held together making us one strong United country held together by enemies and ignoring the fact of who we are and where all of us come from. This reinforces the importance of coexistence and how we should keep it strong and firm. To conclude, these examples demonstrate accepting diversity by restating the idea of togetherness and welfare.

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In “Making the Future Better” Eboo Patel argues people can coexist by respecting others’ rights and communicating through ideas and proposals. An example of this is when he writes a letter from George Washington stating that “In this new nation the new president was saying, people would have their identities respected, their freedoms protected, their safety secured”. This explains how we can all be respected in different ways and we can all be a part of a great, healthy, productive society.

Therefore, Patel addresses the importance of respecting each other and working together to get along since the founding father of this continent had stated so. Another instance of cohesion is shown when George Washington states “That was Washington’s ethic, the three pillars on which he believe a diverse democracy would thrive”. Clearly this conveys how his three beliefs were strong and they would mostly grow and be stronger if they were part of society. Here the author reinforces the idea of cohesion by saying if we all follow, or believe in something strongly then we can make that Idea better as one. To conclude, these examples demonstrate cohesion through the facts given of George Washington and his great achievements as a president.

In “Once Upon a Time,” Nadine Gordimer explores the idea that people cannot coexist because of the judgements of other people and part of their appearance making them “different” from other people. An example of this is when Nadine Gordimer states “But I learned that I was neither threatened nor spared”. Gordimer illustrates that we as people should not fear others by one look. Therefore, this idea is important as it shows how we are discriminating instead of accepting people as a human society and need to learn to respect them and treat them as our own. However in the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln challenges Gordimer suggesting people can coexist by by learning to accept others through the togetherness of an enemy being defeated or through rough and tough situations.

He states “Don’t forget, the people who talk for a living talk about the people who act”(Lincoln). Clearly Lincoln convey the fact that every one’s actions speak louder than words, that people should show that they can coexist with others rather than say it. This further reinforces the idea of togetherness and welfare of people. Although there are some challenges to national unity people can come together and find common ground by facing the common enemy- ourselves- and make our unity stronger than ever.

Finally, through all the stress, defeat, all the ignorance and hate we give ourselves l can now change as our tranquility can grow through our society. The three as commonly repeated as to why we should come together, how and how strong we have to be. Importance we put as we face a common enemy to unite us, great people explaining why we as a society need to coexist as it benefits us in a good way. To take steps into someones path and to accept others to become great people means that we can be an unbreakable bond.

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