How Drones Improves Law Enforcement Performance

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The implementation of new drone technology are being used to assess the crime situations in several ways. Not only it helps the law enforcement solve the cases faster, it collects all the data from aerial that is useful for preventing the crimes and assisting with the public service. As I mentioned previously that the drones are incredible at getting all the data that the law enforcement needs to assess and solve the cases.  According to Center for the Study of Drones at Bard College, there are at least 347 U.

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S agencies that are currently using the drones for multiple purposes. There are at least several ways that the drones will benefit the law enforcement agencies: analyzing the crime scenes, investigating active shooters / suspects, providing real-time surveillance, crowd monitoring and control.

First and foremost, the drones gives the investigators tools they need to get by mapping out the data first. It operates in the same way the drones can be used for reconstructing the traffic collision maps. Fundamentally, the data captured by the drones provides an accurate view of the actual crime scene instead of using animated representations that expands and allows the details to be noticed after preliminary analysis is completed.

Secondly, the drones helps keep tab on the active shooter and suspects. By tracking down the suspects, the drone provides aerial intelligence to the ground-based units to maintain safe distance from those people who are believed to be armed and dangerous. Not only it helps ensure that the lives of communities and police officers are put in dangerous, the aerial intelligence gives the officers information that they need to assess threat while formulating an effective strategy.

Third, the drones brings completely new method for the police officers to perform their job better. Fixed cameras mounted on the traffic light poles and body worn cameras are the technology of past. Drones are quickly becoming the technology of future, all thanks to its high mobility, flexibility and adaptability. They are incredible useful for scouting out the areas first that otherwise brings no favorable advantages for the law enforcement agencies. In these kind of situations, flying the drones over the areas provides a better view without having to compromise the police officers’ safety.

Lastly, the drones can be utilized to monitor the crowds and control them effectively. Large gatherings such as concerts and protests can be especially a daunting task for ground-based units. But, the drones lets the law enforcement agencies see depp in the crowd. If someone commits a crime and tries to run away, the aerial intelligence will let the police officers track the suspect through the crowd without endangering bystanders’ life. It is the same true for someone who needs assistance but is unable to notify the authorities.

All of these examples are what the law enforcement agencies are using to enhance their job performance and serving the public better. The aerial capabilities provides the law enforcement much needed intelligence collection to detect, prevent and reduce the crimes that is otherwise challenging to body-worn and fixed cameras.

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