My Attitude to Drones

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Drones which are remote controlled flying robotic devices have been better developed through time and they are still being developed. Drones which are being developed by the military tremendously the military has added infrared into drones. Drones are used as the 24 hour eye in the sky for the military. I believe that it is a good idea that the military are getting drones because it is a safer way to protect our soldiers and also a better way to get important information about or enemies.

I agree with having drones or companies using drones. I think that companies use drones so that it makes it easier for people packages to get delivered to their homes. Companies like amazon are using drones to deliver packages to companies. They are using something called Prime Air deliver drones they are using this way because they say the regular way is hard to adapt too and it’s too slow. The government and police are using drones now to scan people radar when they are searching for criminals. By the police using drones to search for criminals the drones has a face scan radar which it scans your face and gives them information on who you are where you live you and your record.

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A very interesting drone that is being developed is the drone mini vans which are being made by Mercedes. Drones which employ two drones which are able to carry packages up to five pounds they are still working on more drones where they aren’t as big but are stronger and can carry a package that weighs up to twenty pounds. Also the company workhouse is developing a drone that can fly for 30 minutes and can go up fifty miles per hour they also are working on drones that can carry up to five packages at the same time.

I agree with some of the drones that are being developed I do not agree with the drones that are being developed which can get all your information on you and they can see your private life. Somethings about drones are very good.

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