Significance and Convinience of Drones Use

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Drones are pilotless aircrafts that are capable of flight with the control of a remote or computer system such as phones, computers and other hardware devices. They are used by many people from regular citizens to military officials. For the military they mostly used it for the rescue missions and missions that were difficult to approach. Before the drones that we use today the very first ones were built during the First World War. They weren’t yet so good. Having many malfunctions, they had to use and test a lot of them till one was good. When they got the right functions, they used them for different roles such as decoys in combat, and missile launchers. Most drones were too risky for a person to be inside, while another person at the base was controlling it. The military needed a different approach for the drones. With the advancements with technology today drones have become smaller and more efficient. From defense, health care, disaster relief to emergency response, and contractual planning the drones are there.

Health care wise, the drones are an efficient way to get the medicine to a certain location much faster than any other transportation. According to cbinsights “Zip line has launched delivery drones in rural areas throughout Africa and continues to expand its reach. Drones have also been used to deliver medicine. Not many cars can travel fast to deliver medicine due to traffic and other circumstances that could be in the way of the travel. They also installed many other speculations to the drones such as thermal imaging. For example “Drones with thermal imaging cameras have been used by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to track macaque movements in the province of Palawan in the Philippines ?” a region where malaria is an active threat (cbinsights). Many diseases go around traveling from animal to humans, the drones are able to capture insects and some animals to take them to the lab so the scientist can test them, seeing if they contain a disease and determine if it is contagious. If so, they will be able to work on cure/solution.

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Drones have helped out during emergency situations also.  “UAVs outfitted with thermal imaging cameras have provided emergency response teams with an ideal solution for identifying victims who are difficult to spot with the naked eye. The human eye cannot identify a person from a far distance, using a drone you can control it, to make it fly a really high and get it closer to the victim to see how injured they are. The drones can carry supplies to the victim faster, while the paramedics get to them. Recently land rover partnered with drones, “Land Rover recently partnered with the Austrian Red Cross to design a special operations vehicle with a roof-mounted, thermal imaging drone. The vehicle includes an integrated landing system, which allows the drone to securely land atop the vehicle while in motion. This custom Land Rover Discovery, dubbed “Project Hero” hopes to save lives by speeding up response times. Receiving the response in seconds it sends a signal so they can send help much faster. Not only emergency responses they also helped with natural disasters. “Drones have proved useful during times of natural disaster. In the aftermath of hurricanes and earthquakes, UAVs have been used to assess damage, locate victims, and deliver aid. And in certain circumstances, they are being used to prevent disasters altogether. (cbinsights). The drones are able to send the message to the emergency team before the fire even starts.

Many businesses that want to build a new building on a landscape cannot really tell how big the area is, “Software developers have created solutions that analyze construction progress with regularly captured data. While ground surveying is still a critical part of construction planning and monitoring, the use of drone data has become increasingly important. There are heavy structural things that need to be carried by men, but a drone can also carry heavy things without using the big machines such as a forklifts and cranes a drone can carry it across the place to where it’s supposed to be. Another example is Real states, they would like to show how the house was built, the surroundings of the place a simple picture of the front and back won’t do it justice. Being able to be in a high altitude the drone can take a 360 surrounding picture, it can take a video of the interior of the house and post it online along with the photo of the house. For urban planning “drones notably provide a low-cost way to capture invaluable urban data. Specifically, drones have helped city planners determine which areas may benefit most from green space, without causing further congestion (cbinsights). You don’t want to just build houses just anywhere but at a certain place where you think is going to be beneficial to for people to live at.

In conclusion, drones were being used to mostly in the military for combat use, being so big it was not really reliable for the people to use on the daily bases. Throughout the years the drones started to get smaller with more speculations added to it such as video, audio, thermal imaging etc., the people started to use it more. Being able to control it with a small device like a computer or remote, someone can easily manage the drones. Drones are being used for many things such as disaster relief, health care, defense, emergency response, and defense. The advancements on the drones have increased drastically from being so big to getting so small, adding the tinniest things to it to make it more attractive to the eye.

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