How Dope Can be Reduced in Football Field

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Updated: Jul 30, 2019
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Doping in sport is one of the most tremendous issues that has caused many negative impacts on athletes’ careers and reputation. Doping is defined as any substance that help to enhance one’s performance or is known as any act of using illegal drug or illegal amount of drug in order to boost performance of an athlete. For example, footballers use steroids to make them bigger and stronger.

Many athletes dope or use drugs because they believe that everyone does it as they need to compete. However, these, as the result, has ruined the athletes’ entire career, destroyed their reputation, and got hated by fans. Therefore, in order to eliminate the cases of footballers doping, two important solutions should be strictly taken including educating football players and enforcing law with severe punishment to those who are against the law.

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According to K.J Steward in “10 footballer who were banned for taking drugs” ten football players are not only caught using drugs, but also were banned from the game. Edgar Davids is one of the ten who were banned from his career in 2001 after being tested positive for banned steroid. Adrian Mutu was a very talented player who signed for Chelsea Football Club in August in 2003 but ruined his football career in English league after he was found having used cocaine.

He was consequently banned for seven months and was fined twenty thousand pounds by FA (Football Association). Jake Livermore had the most recent high-profile case of a football field. He in 2014 faced potentially being sacked from his club after being tested positive cocaine (K.J Steward). Although these examples indicate the punishment of dope, it still happens to many other football players that the problems has yet been solved and solution is desperately needed.

The first solution is to educate football players about the possible negative impacts on their health and careers. Steroid or anabolic steroid which is known as type of corticosteroid are used to build up muscle. Many athletes use it because they want to boost overactive immune responses and reduce swelling as its action is to synthesize testosterone hormone (Daniel J. DeNoon).

However besides its beneficial actions, the steroid also causes negative impacts on health. Those who take the steroid can possibly face serious diseases such as kidney disease, heart attack and stroke, so on and so forth (L. Anderson). Cocaine, which is used to boost energy, increases blood pressure which consequently leads to heart attack (Eric Patterson).

Although this education will help them to understand how their health and careers could be ruined, dope activity still happens unless the Football Association (FA) takes a serious actions to prevent it. Those actions include pushing anyone who uses illegal drug or overdose the amount of legal drug to enhance his performance.

In this regard, they should be fired from his career and given fines for their illegal activities. Moreover, the FA should never permit those players to return back into their football careers anymore. This punishments would teach every football players that any decisive dope will result in career termination.

To sum up, dope, albeit help to enhance sport performance, is illegal and could lead to negative impacts on football players’ health, careers, and reputation. Dope is not only considered to be a criminal act in sport, but also bring imbalance between players in football field. Therefore, by educating them the negative impacts of performance-enhancing drug in conjunction with severe punishment which could terminate their entire career, I believe that doping will be soon reduced and possibly eliminated in the future.

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