Field Hockey

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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There are many ways the modern sport of field hockey has on the players of the game. There are many medical advantages that can be credited from playing the beloved sport of field hockey. This essay is going to focus on three explicit health benefits. They include helping the cardiovascular system of the human body, the physical strength of the players, and finally, the sport will improve the cognitive abilities of the human body.

One of the main function of the cardiovascular system of the human body comprises the organs that help deliver oxygen to the blood, and the blood delivers the vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

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In doing so the cells have the ability to continue its vital functions (cellular respiration). In turn, giving energy to the body. Field hockey can improve the ability of the body to deliver oxygen to the cells in many ways.

The main way that field hockey achieves this is the constant movement of the players playing the exciting sport. Since the sport requires the players on each team when playing to run so that they could score, defend, and win when running the human body is experiencing a form of cardio exercise because of the ability of the body to make oxygen increases. This form of exercise helps improve the breathing of the players which can help the players, in turn, achieve more workouts with using less breathing because of the constantly improving stamina of the body. Improved breathing and improved stamina is a health benefit of this sport.

In addition, when playing the sport the physical strength of the players are greatly benefited when playing this sport. The physical demands of field hockey help improve the core muscles such as your leg muscles and your abdominal muscles. The leg muscles and abdominal muscles because when players are actively playing the game their muscles are actively being strengthed because of the general physical workout they go through. For example, When a player runs to the opposite side of the court and is about to hit the puck with his hockey stick his leg muscles were under a constant workout because he was running. The player’s arm muscles are being used to quickly, to react is a necessary ingredient toward success since you’re expected to pass and receive the ball while on the move.

Also when playing the sport of hockey the cognitive abilities are being improved. The Field hockey players are regularly performing multiple tasks in a hurry as they need to pass and get the ball while running with speed and nimbleness. Playing out these assignments will enhance your coordination and balance and will most likely upgrade your cognitive abilities (hand-eye coordination).

There are numerous ways the cutting edge game of field hockey has on the players of the amusement. There are numerous restorative favorable circumstances that can be credited from playing the darling game of field hockey. They incorporate helping the cardiovascular arrangement of the human body, the physical quality of the players, lastly, the game will enhance the psychological capacities of the human body.

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