Fighting in Hockey should not be Allowed

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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“”I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out”” (Bleacher Report). Fighting in hockey is a common thing that happens Throughout the sport. Fighting in hockey has plenty of negative effects. In hockey there is one guy that is dedicated to be the “”Enforcer””. An enforcer enters the game and purposely gets into a fight, either to get pay back for a dirty play or to help create a momentum change. Many people look at fighting in hockey to be a cool and exciting moment.

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For whatever reason the fight is caused, fighting in hockey should not be allowed

There are a several reasons why fighting in hockey should not be allowed, but there are also reasons that hockey should stay a part of the game. The first significant reason why fighting why fighting in hockey should be allowed is because the momentum changes that can occur. For example if a player checks his opponent badly, the opponents teammate will be sent on to the ice and purposely get into a fight with the opposing team. “”This allows teams to protect their star players, and creates a sense of solidarity among teammates”” (Bleacher Report).

This quote explains that fighting in the NHL is a valuable asset. For example if the home teams star player gets checked, or hit hard, the home team would send out their “”Enforcer”” so he can purposely get into a fight. If this fight happens the whole crowd will get excited and this will make the home team pumped up. If this successfully happens it will create a huge momentum change. “” Momentum shifts can be attributed to fights, teams will credit their fighter with wins because he went out and set the tone for a game”” (Hockey Fights Bleacher Report). This proves that just a simple thing just as a fight, can change a game in a huge way. Even though there are various reasons why fighting in hockey should be allowed however, there are many more important reasons why hockey should not be allowed.

One of the reasons why fighting in hockey should not be allowed is because fighting in hockey creates a risk for concussion. Fighting in hockey is all about knocking the opponent out. With all the equipment that the players wear, the head/face is the most effective landing spot. ”Charles H. Tator, a neurosurgeon, believes fighting causes 10% of all concussions in hockey”(Hockey Fights On average there are 559 concussions in the NHL each year. If 10% of concussions are caused from fighting, that means each year there is about 56 concussions a year. One this about concussions is that they all very in surverness. They can land anywhere from a very minor headache to death.

In 2011 there was an professional hockey player with the name of Derek Boogaard. Derek Boogaard was the perfect example of an enforcer, he specifically just fight. Sadly enough Derek at the age of 29 died due a concussion cased from fighting. “”After he died at age 28 in 2011, doctors examined Boogaard’s brain and determined that he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is believed to be caused by repeated head injuries” (Hockey Fights If a man once did from fighting in hockey there need to be a change. There need to be a change because no man should die from doing their job. This is one of the reasons why fighting in hockey should not be allowed.

Another reason fighting in hockey should not be allowed is because it has the bad influences it has in the youth leagues. In all sports every young athlete has a role model they try to be like. If any youth hockey player watches a fight in the NHL and it happens to be their role model in the fight they will realize this. In the youth player really pays attention they might try do get into a fight in their own games”Whatever is done at a professional level in sports is emulated almost immediately by children who idolize their heroes” (Hockey Fights

This proves that any kid will do whatever it takes just so they can be like their role model. Fighting is prohibited in youth leagues but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. ”Even though fighting in youth leagues is banned, young hockey players have constantly tried to imitate the tactics used by professionals, both legal and illegal” (Hockey Fights This quote states that even though fighting in youth leagues are banned it doesn’t meant that little fights dont break out. This is another reason why fighting in hockey.

Fighting in Hockey has both its pros and cons. From bringing great risk for concussion, and to creating bad influeneces, fighting is just one of things that isn’t need to keep the sport great. In conclusion fighting in hockey is one of the major reasons why this sport is loved everywhere in the world.

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