How do you Overcome the Struggles in your Life

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Offer insights and strategies on overcoming personal struggles. Discuss resilience, seeking support, setting achievable goals, and maintaining a positive mindset. Include personal anecdotes or case studies to provide practical and relatable advice. Cover various types of struggles, from professional setbacks to personal challenges. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Behavior.

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The need to overcome various life difficulties arises in our life all the time. This is the kind of work that we regularly have to do. After all, it is simply impossible to imagine life without difficulties. Difficulties arise for everyone and always. No matter where and how a person lives, he will constantly face certain life difficulties, because they are inevitable. And since they are inevitable, we all need to be able to overcome them.

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And in order to overcome difficulties, you need to be able to perceive them correctly and correctly evaluate them, in order to then develop the necessary strategy to overcome them. All this can be learned – any of you, dear readers can learn this. And in this article I’m just going to teach you how, firstly, to perceive difficulties correctly, secondly, to correctly analyze them, and thirdly, to find the right solutions to overcome them and then immediately proceed to the necessary actions.

But before we move on to our main task, let’s quickly find out what the difficulties are. We must know what we are dealing with. Difficulties are such obstacles on the way of a person that arise in unfamiliar, unusual circumstances for him when he has to solve non-standard and therefore difficult tasks, which we often call problems. It is difficult for him to solve them because he simply does not know how exactly this should be done, and not because they are very complex in themselves. That is, those obstacles, barriers, barriers, hindrances that we perceive as difficulties arise primarily in our head and are related specifically to us. In reality, difficulties can be the same ordinary things that a person does in his life all the time, without even thinking about how difficult they are for him. But, if they turn out to be unusual, unusual, non-standard things for him, which he does not know how to do, he will have difficulties. In other words, we are talking about new life tasks, for the solution of which it is necessary to understand them. And until a person understands them, they will remain difficulties for him. A difficult situation is simply an unusual situation when a person is faced with tasks that he does not have the experience to solve. That, in fact, is all. And there is nothing wrong with difficulties. This is very important to understand, friends. After all, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. Difficulties become difficulties only because we treat them as difficulties, giving this concept a negative meaning. Let’s now see what is the meaning of difficulties in order to learn to perceive them normally and calmly.

What is the meaning of difficulties?

So, let’s think about why life cannot be such that it does not have any difficulties and problems at all, so that you can live and not worry about anything, not worry about anything, not rack your brains over all sorts of difficulties that always complicate and make our life worse. Therefore, our life cannot be such that the absence of any problems, difficulties, obstacles in it would make it very boring, not interesting and meaningless. The absence of difficulties in life would not allow it to develop, you and I would stop developing, and everything would remain at the same level, nothing would change in our life. And if a person does not develop, then he begins to degrade. After all, life itself, if we take a closer look at it, is a constant process, it is a movement from something to something – from birth to death, from an undeveloped state to a developed one, from simple to complex, from one form to another. And it is thanks to this movement, this continuous process of transition from one state to another, that we live, we value and love our life, value it, support it, see meaning in it. Therefore, our life cannot but have difficulties, for difficulties are life. It is they who make us change, it is they who support the vitality in us and guide us through life. And the one who denies the necessity of difficulties, in fact, denies life itself. And this indicates the initial stage of degradation. The need for lack of difficulty is not a normal need. The normal need is the need for problem solving. Only in this case a person lives, and does not live his life. Therefore, the meaning of difficulties is to maintain life, to make it interesting, to give it meaning, and also to develop people, that is, you and me. So life without difficulties is not life, it is something else.

Thus, in order not to go against the fundamental laws of life, you and I need to recognize the usefulness and interest of all those difficulties that life regularly throws at us. This will allow us, you friends, to change our attitude towards them. And thanks to this, you will take the first step towards overcoming them. We will learn how to smoothly overcome difficulties so that you do not even notice how they will turn from difficulties into part of everyday tasks that you can easily solve. But keep in mind that the ease of solving them will depend on your attitude towards them, and not on the process itself.

How to deal with difficulties

Now let’s talk in more detail about how to perceive difficulties in order to learn how to overcome them. I have already said above that it is important, very important to understand the usefulness and necessity of various kinds of difficulties in our life. And also their inevitability. It is important to understand that various difficulties and problems are our life. Or rather, an integral part of it. Without them, you would not be interested in living, without them you would not see life at all, not to mention the fact that without difficulties you would not be able and would not want to develop. And life cannot be improved without development. Therefore, life always keeps us in good shape when it throws us certain difficulties. And I believe that these difficulties should be viewed as a test that each of us must pass regularly, so as not to lose interest in life, and to constantly develop. Therefore, let us take them just that way – as tests. And even better, as a game in which we need to pass these tests in order to become stronger. Do you like this approach to difficulties? I really like. I hope you do too.

Therefore, one should not look at difficulties as something bad, wrong, harmful, undesirable – rejoice in them, accept them, look at working with them as a game in which you need to win. Moreover, this is such a game that spins in a spiral, this is when overcoming all sorts of difficulties – you become stronger and stronger, moving from one difficulty to another. And as you become stronger, you improve your life, because you start to get a lot, you can do a lot. Think about what your abilities you can develop in yourself – by taking on the solution of this or that problem. And how these abilities will affect your future life. It is clear that it is positive, because the more we can do everything, the easier it is for us to live. So difficulties are a kind of personal growth trainer, with the help of which you will make yourself stronger and rise to new heights for you. It’s so great, you see. I tell you this, as a person who constantly solves some problems, not only their own, but also those of others. And when solving other people’s problems – I make them my own problems, I get used to them, I take the place of another person, as far as possible and begin to live with his problem in order to solve it later. And you know what? I like it. I have long ceased to be afraid of any problems and difficulties in life, because I know that all problems can be solved. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that by solving these problems, I stop seeing problems in problems, I become stronger and overcome difficulties without noticing them. This is how difficulties affect our lives, if treated correctly.

This is how you, friends, need to perceive difficulties in your life in order to treat them correctly. Our understanding and acceptance of them begins with our correct attitude towards them. Why do we need an easy and carefree life, well, think for yourself, why? Just to burn it faster? What is the point in just being, what joy is there? It is much more interesting to live, overcoming difficulties and constantly developing yourself with their help, in order to expand the horizons of your life and see something new, experience new sensations, and achieve more. This is such an interesting game. We need to say thank you to life for it.

Now let’s move on to looking at step-by-step actions with which you can overcome your difficulties.

1. Concentration. To cope with a problem, to solve a problem, to overcome some difficulties, you need to be able to concentrate on them. This is not an easy task – I know from myself. But doable, I know that too. To concentrate on something, you need to put things in order in your head – throw out all the useless thoughts that create noise from it, streamline your thinking, sort everything out, and then carefully and consistently begin to study your problem, or better to say, the task. Many difficulties disappear already at this stage of working with them, when there is no need to look for solutions, and there is no need to start any action. It is enough just to concentrate on your difficulties and understand what exactly they are, what caused them and what they need from you. So concentration is very important, it will help you not to mix your thoughts with each other and not to lump them together. This only aggravates the problems, and the tasks become more complicated. If you do not know how to concentrate, do not know how to control your attention – learn! This is within the power of every person. It is imperative to be able to manage your attention, otherwise other people will control it, they will just start stealing it from you and using it in their own interests. You don’t need that, right? In the future, I will write articles for you, dear readers, on the topic of concentration, to teach you how to concentrate. We will study this topic in the most thorough way. So please don’t forget to keep the site updated.

2. Analysis. Now let’s move on to the analysis. Let’s talk about how to conduct it. You need to make an analysis of the situation in which you find yourself, as well as an analysis of the actions that you have performed, you came to this situation and then an analysis of the difficulties that you encountered. After analyzing the situation, you will immediately understand its pattern, which means you can eliminate the root cause of your problems. The difficulties themselves always tell us a way to overcome them, if we study them carefully. I will write a separate article on how to analyze a particular situation, but for now I will point you to the most important side of this work. You do not have to consider all the reasons due to which certain difficulties have arisen in your life – it is enough to find the main reason or several main reasons. And for this it is necessary to think not in breadth, but in depth.

4. Emotions. Emotional control is also quite important in coping with difficulties. Emotions, you know, push us to the most primitive actions, to the most obvious decisions, to absolutely ill-considered actions. Because of this, we make mistakes, thereby not solving, but exacerbating our problems. Emotions are inevitable and, moreover, necessary, but they must be able to control. There are good ways to do this, and I have written about them many times on this site. The main thing is to turn on your thinking when emotions start to overwhelm you, and for this you need to load yourself with questions, and of course, start looking for answers to them, and then the thinking process will start. By pacifying your emotions, you will significantly simplify for yourself the solution of the problems and tasks facing you. After all, we are mainly because of them, because of emotions – we make an elephant out of a fly, sometimes seeing difficulties and problems in something that actually does not exist. So who knows, perhaps by calming yourself – you will immediately get rid of all your problems. But, in some cases, in order to have an impetus for action, it is necessary to experience strong emotions. It does not matter whether they are positive or negative emotions, different people have different motivations, it is important that, having experienced these emotions, a person gets off the ground and takes action. So, if, for example, you are experiencing difficulties in life, which are mainly associated with your passivity and laziness, then a portion of strong negative emotions will clearly not hurt you if it makes you move. Emotions give a person the energy to perform actions, so I am not urging you to abandon them, you just need to learn how to control and manage them. If you learn this, and I am sure that you will, I will teach you this, then the number of mistakes you make in your life will decrease significantly. And you can motivate yourself with the help of your emotions, to overcome the same difficulties, if, or rather, when, you take them under your control.

5. Confidence. Without a doubt, self-confidence contributes to the solution of all problems that can arise in our life, and, accordingly, it also contributes to overcoming life’s difficulties. But now I would like to point out to you another certainty, one that is connected with the difficulties that life throws at us as, as we agree with you, tests. Friends, I am absolutely convinced that life always throws us only such difficulties that we are able to overcome. She has no goal – to break us, she does not need it. But nobody canceled the law of natural selection – if you want to survive, you must be strong. And to be strong, you have to put yourself under stress – physically, mentally and intellectually. And the difficulties that arise in our life do exactly this – they load us moderately. Therefore, even if you are an insecure person, then at least be sure that the difficulties that you face in your life are quite capable of overcoming. This I guarantee you. This is indeed the case. The confidence that all the trials that life puts you, you are able to pass – that’s what you need to overcome difficulties. At the same time, I repeat, you can even be an insecure person, it doesn’t matter, you can still overcome all the difficulties that are in your life. These difficulties are prescribed for you by life according to an individual prescription. So they are in your teeth, do not doubt it. But if you also develop self-confidence, it will be absolutely wonderful.

So, as you can see, friends, it is within the power of every person to overcome difficulties, whatever they may be. You just need to accustom yourself to this, and then you will not even notice many difficulties and problems, because they will not give you any discomfort, and you will automatically begin to solve them all. This is called unconscious competence, when everything turns out as it should, without any tension.

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