Good Will Hunting: the Story of a Young Man’s Struggles

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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In the movie Good will hunting will is troubled boy who is a mathematical genius who struggles with owning his talent and expressing his feelings. He doesn’t really take credit for his talent instead he ignores and neglect his abilities. Will works as mit janitor when one day he decided to solve a tedious math problem that no one could solve. Professor gerald discovered that he was the one that solved the problem, He begin to search for Will when he figures out he has been arrested for assaulting a police officer.

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Now he makes a deal with the judge for Will to not serve jail. Will must follow the conditions of solving math problems for professor Gerald and receiving treatment from a therapist.

Growing up Will was in and out of several foster homes and he experienced a violent and abusive childhood .Will had an uninvolved parenting simply because he was forced to be on his own with no help from his biological parents. He had an insecure attachment meaning that his relationship he had with his parents was dominated by fear,dependence and rejection. Will is a very outgoing ,stubborn ,arrogant, and brashful person. In the movie when skylar ask Will “do you have a photographic memory?”he responded by saying “i don’t know,i just kinda remember,you know?”his response shows how sometimes he can very overconfident and rude in a way. He finds everything simple when it is difficult for others to comprehend. Since Will grew up without any guidance he feels it’s his responsibility to be independent. He developed a negative view of the world. Part of the reason he hated explaining things or himself was to avoid confrontation and his feelings. Will insecure attachment caused him to trouble with relationships and being attached to skylar.Will struggles with knowing his true identity which is identified as identity vs. confusion. He struggles with knowing his purpose because his fear of rejection that he developed as a child. He decides to not open up to skylar because he believed she wouldn’t accept his flaws.This feeling comes from the physical and emotional abuse he experienced as a child. The fear of commitment is instilled in will’s mind because he was never able as a child to express his emotions to his parents or foster parents.Will relationship with skylar is very complicated he love her but doesn’t really know how to show her. He deals with erikson’s sixth principle intimacy vs. isolation, he struggles with forming an intimate loving relationship with skylar because he already feels alone.

Will had to see sean once a week, during the beginning of Will’s treatment will played around and didn’t really talk to sean. Sean never force will to open up unless he was ready;he told Will to leave. The treatment was focused around what Will wanted and it wasn’t forced by Sean. The treatment didn’t work when sean made will talk about his feelings and accepting his talent and abilities .It only worked when Sean decided for Will to choose his own path in life. Sean didn’t want to push to avoid from him quitting on himself. He didn’t want Will to feel like everything he been through was his fault. Will started to have conversations with sean and they begin to bond a little.Will was different because he begin to accept himself and reflect on a lot of decisions that he had made.Will’s attitude begin to become more positive and he started to open up to Sean. He finally accepted his pain and realize it wasn’t his fault for the things he had been through in his life. He begin to accept the advice that sean gave him and with that advice he went to apply for a job and get skylar back.

Parenting and attachment styles impact the development of a child by setting the groundwork for how children will be when they grow up. At an early age love and support are two most important things that a child should receive. In Good Will hunting Will did not receive love or support which caused him to neglect and rebel against things.The most important parenting style is authoritative parenting because that parent will show interest in the child’s emotions but also show discipline too. An authoritative parent will cause the child to be confident and happy in exploring the world. A secure attachment will cause the child to trust the parent knowing they will always be there for them.With insecure attachment like in good will hunting the child will become to fear the caregiver and result to becoming dependent from them.This why being active and supportive in a child’s life is important because it can cause mental damage to the child.

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