How did the Establishment of Laws Improve the Living Conditions

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The living conditions in England city were terrible and dirty during the Industrial Revolution. At that period, the urbanization and industrialization went so fast; people didn’t have enough time to build the living conditions. And therefore, the government made laws to improve them.

The living conditions in England city were terrible during the Industrial Revolution, especially the Bathing facility and Garbage disposal in the city. “Lack of sanitation can also lead to the spread of disease. Since most houses do not have running water or sanitation, people dump garbage on the street. Most of the dirt is discharged into local rivers, causing serious pollution. and the house does not have the Bathing facility.” (History Crunch) From this evidence, we know that people at that time of period didn’t have enough place to take a bath or put trash. Many factories just discharged sewage into the rivers. Also because cities didn’t have enough conditions to process dirty water or give people a clean place to take a bath, Many infectious diseases were very easy to separate. This shows how bad the living conditions in England were. My second evidence is a political cartoon“The London Bathing Season.” this also shows the adverse living conditions in England, especially the bathing facility. As we can see, there are many dirty things including the dead animals in the river. But two people still take a bath in the river. (Tenniel, John) From this evidence, I know that people even need to make a dip in the dirty river. It’s easy for people to get an infectious disease. I can also see while they were taking a bath, one of them seems very happy in the dirty river and try to invite his friend to take a shower. He seems to be completely adapted to the muddy river. Imagine that people have changed to the river and enjoyed it, how long have they not had a clean bathing facility? This reflects the poor living conditions they had.

To solve the living conditions problem. The government made some laws. Public health act 1875 was a law made in the middle of the industrial revolution. At that period, the living condition was terrible. Because the city developed so fast, people had no time to build the existing situation. This made many diseases easy to separate, so the government made this law to improve living conditions. However, in 1875, the government enacted a public health bill that included the purchase, repair or construction of sewers to control water supply, the management of wine cellars and accommodation, and the development of regulations governing new streets and buildings. These laws did decrease the risk of people suffering from infectious diseases. And also improved cities’ living conditions. ( 1875 Public health law England government) “1833 Factory Act also did help improve workers’ living conditions. This law was one of the earliest law which protected the rights of child labors and improved their working and living conditions. In 1833 the Government passed a factory law about child labor to improve conditions for children working in factories. “This law limited the using of child labels above age 9, the time they worked. It also forced factories to teach children at least 2 hours a day and forced them to improve children’s basic conditions.” ( idea from National activity analysis ) Before 1833, Young children were working for very long hours with the very bad Conditions. But their treatments and living conditions got improved after the publishing of this law.

From my first two evidence, they show how bad the living conditions in England cities were during the industrial revolution. But England government made two laws, which was public health act 1875 and 1833 Factory Act; these two laws improved the living conditions of inhabitants. After these two laws established, Even though England still had some living conditions problems, but they were not that big like before. Finally, this problem has been solved in England, In the middle of the 20th century, when England became a developed country. But we still can see these issues in some developing countries. I think the reason why they still have the dirty living conditions is that they haven’t make the laws. Making laws probably will take some time and lots of money, and it’s not easy for them. But it really will help them to get better living conditions.

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