How did Barack Obama Change the World

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Barack Obama A good leader represents the characteristics of honesty, caring, good personality, and being understandable. Obama was a leader that is educated and inspiring to people and he was talented and he had accomplished many things in life. Barack Obama was the first senator in Illionois. Barack was also the first African American president in the United States. Barack made a healthcare program that has changed many people’s lives and this is called Obamacare. Obama was a good leader because he is compelling and a hard worker.

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When he was a leader he has tremendous ideas which include visiting other countries, helping the poor, providing opportunity for other people who needed a job, making great changes worldwide, and having a large impact on people’s life.

In the year of 2010 during March, President Barack Obama helped people with health care which was called Obama Care, it is affordable for people who could not pay for their health care when they needed to go get checked at the hospital. People were not able to pay for their own healthcare until Obama had the idea to help other people. He was making sure that people are healthy and not getting sick. Insurance companies are not allowed to talk negatively about people who did not have enough money for health insurance because Obama have it all taken care of. Uninsured children with pre-existing health problem which is considered as cancer, asthma or other health problems such as mental illness and many more which is serious health problems. People were getting rejected with trying to get help from hospitals but now that Obama got it all figured out, people were not able to reject children or adults from trying to get help from their severe sickness.

In the year of 2012 in June, President Barack Obama had helped diverse young immigrant children. He made a big impact in their lives because he had helped children from being deported. He gave the young immigrant children have an opportunity to go to American and study at school and learn new things. The children were still terrified of deportation because they were not born in United States and they could still be sent back to their own country. Obama had made a great impact in their life because he made sure they would be safe and not get deported. He was very careful and responsible with the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) which allowed multiple children stay in the US illegally. DACA had changed a lot of people lives because from them being able to stay in America they were able to get their education and also get their dream jobs. DACA had made tremendous changes for undocumented people such as being able to get a job, being approved to get a house, and also being able to drive such as getting their license. For Obama Care, even college students that could not afford paying for their health care used Obama Care which helped a lot of students save enough money and saved them from enough stress.

This insurance is covered automatically whether you like it or not if you cannot afford it. Obama was being a wonderful leader trying to help everyone who needed it. In 2006, at first Obama was not sure about legalizing gay rights because he was having a conversation with people who were interviewing him. He said, “marriage is for two opposite sex” (Chicago public television). He was first unsure but then he had officially legalized same sex marriage because he wanted everything to be fair and equal for gays and lesbians. Gays and lesbians were being discriminated very badly before their rights were actually being legalized, but now that it is legalized by Obama there has been less people discriminating. Now a lot of gays and lesbians are finally coming out and had the confidence to tell their family and friends. Obama had made such a large impact on gays and lesbians. He is very caring and understandable because he wants the best for everyone. When he was unsure about same sex marriage, a lesbian called him up and she felt hurt because he was not sure how to react about same sex marriage. The lesbian lady called him up telling Obama how she felt like he was thinking lesbians and gays are “bad people”.

Obama was only unsure of the gay rights because he is very religious and he is a Christian. He had confirmed that he was against gay marriage but as the time was changing he realized that he had a lot of friends that are in a relationship who are wonderful parents that raised children together, and he was very supportive over that which made him change his mind being against gay marriage. Obama becomes the first president to confirm that gay rights should be equal. With Obama’s first job it taught him how to be responsible. He has been a very hard worker since he had his first job at Baskin Robbins when he was at a young age. He did not exactly like his job and he also questioned himself what the job will really do for him in the future. He complained a lot about his job because scooping ice cream was a pain on his wrist. He realized that the job did something good with his mindset in the future, it made him more responsible and organized. He worked and lived in Hawaii, Honolulu. He wants young people to do the same thing he did. He is basically trying to tell younger people that it is okay to start from the bottom, because that is where it will get you to the top and get your dream job in the future as long you keep working hard.

Obama gave high school students a speech talking about his early life when he did not have enough money for education when he lived in Indonesia for a few years. His mother could not pay for him to go to an American school because she did not have enough money to send him to a great school but she had given his son Barack Obama some lessons on her own time. His mother was basically his personal teacher from Monday through Friday but she had to go to work every day so she was only able to teach him lessons early in the morning for a few hours. He is talking to students trying to inspire them from staying motivated with getting their education and fulfill responsibilities and put in hard work to succeed.

Obama is a great President because many students now had fulfilled their dreams from listening to his speech about getting your work done and staying in school, also he mentioned as long as you listen to your parents and teachers you will be fine because parents and teachers want students to be successful. There were many reasons why Obama had accomplished winning the election in 2012. He had promised to cut taxes for ninety five percent of working families because with people that did not have enough money he made sure they were able to get enough money to provide food and a home for their children. Part of why he wanted to cut taxes for plenty of people is because they knew what people would be go through because he experienced it at a young age with his mother. Barack Obama had experienced rough times with his mother because his father left him when he was younger and she wasn’t able to fully support him. Obama’s mom was a single parent but she was a hard worker just like Obama. His mother turned him into a very successful man with an amazing personality and heart. He also his most powerful success since becoming a president was ending the war in Iraq and many more places. When he became a president and when he had his farewell, he has inspired many people.

Some people in the politics might say negative things about him but he is a great man. Teenagers and adults look up to him in their life for their future and not just because he was the president but because of how he lives his life to the fullest. Teenagers and adults have been motivated to get better jobs because of Obama. He was very proud of who was surrounding him. Not only was he a good president but he was a great husband to Michelle Obama and a great father to his children. He shows off his family and he kept them very happy at all times. He was also a great to Joe Biden. Both of them are very generous and much alike each other which made them very close. They both shared many memories together and both of them were very thankful of each other. 

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