Honors Citizenship

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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What is the bill’s title and description?

S. 2464 : Three-Year Border and DACA Extension Act. This bill was to establish a border security enforcement fund and protected immigrants who entered the United States as children.

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Where was the bill introduced?

This bill was introduced to the Senate.

Who proposed the bill and why?

Mr. Flake introduced the bill to have a temporary fix by beginning the process of improving border security and ensuring DACA recipients will not face potential deportation,

What would the bill do if passed? Where are the people that it would affect?

This bill will improve border security and to provide conditional provision residence to certain long-term residents who entered the United States as children.

How does it aim to affect illegal immigrants?

DACA has allowed about 800,000 Dreamers living in the United States who came here illegally as children to receive their driver license and a better education, so ending this would result in deportation.

How might it affect the government?

Since, the bill wasn’t a path to citizenship and was a temporary measure it was past Obama Authorities. This might cause the government to shut down if the Democrats refused to vote for a spending bill without finding a solution for DACA.

How might it affect other citizens?

This bill with affect other citizens positively and negatively. Positively, because with DACA owned. Businesses it gave others the opportunity to seek employment if they couldn’t seek it anywhere else. Negatively, because more resources Americans use and pay taxes for are being shared with unlawful immigrants who aren’t citizens.

What are the arguments for the bill? What are the arguments against it?

Arguments for the bill is allowing children who came to the U.S. as children unwillingly and grew up here to participate in the job market contribute to the economy. If, DACA is permanently abolished thousands of people could lose their jobs. That leaves more than 700,000 Dreamers with the possibility of deportation not knowing what to do. Although the laws meant to shape immigration and the lives of immigrants, it’s harder to become a legally recognized citizen. Between being undocumented, living and working in the United States. This program allowed Dreamers to obtain a driver’s licenses, enroll in college, find legal employment, pay income taxes, and serve in the military without fear of sudden deportation. Although, if Congress failed to find a solution nine hundred and eight-three undocumented people could lose their protected status each day. It would be a groundbreaking move by lawmakers to take away people raised in the U.S. of legitimate validation and force them back into living as unauthorized immigrants.

Arguments against the bill is every two years the recipients need to be approved to keep from being deported through deferred action. DACA doesn’t offer permissible status or a righteous path to citizenship. The members of congress are convinced that the only area of agreement for some is to create an alternative immigration policy. To do so, create reforms through the legislative process. Also, for this bill more money will be needed.


Imagine being in a harmful country risking your life to find a new home where you could be free only to be sent right back from a country known for its freedom. Harsh am I Right. America was built on the three principles life, liberty, and estate. These three principles are the same for all Americans, so why can’t America help grant these three principles to the immigrants who came seeking for help to live a better life. This bill needs to be past because it continues protecting immigrants and since the program allows the immigrants to enroll in college, pay income taxes, and serve in the military, it helped benefit the economy. The rates of starting a business is 3.1 percent, meaning that DACA recipients are surpassing the general population in business creation. With them owning their own businesses they help other citizens seek employment by hiring employees. One business owner impact their community by starting a bookkeeping business assisting the Hispanic community comply with the tax law. Owners depend on their social security, getting licenses, permits, leases, and credit to maintain their business so if DACA ended it would make their living situations extremely challenging. The DACA recipients continuously make positive and remarkable contributions to the economy. Earning higher wages, results into higher tax revenue. Furthermore, DACA beneficiaries are purchasing cars, their first homes, and even establishing new businesses helping support other businesses. If DACA is permanently abolished thousands of people could lose their jobs leaving more than 700,000 Dreamers with the possibility of deportation. This bill should be passed because ending DACA not only threaten 800,000 immigrants, it threatens America’s immigration legacy. So, do you America want to be the cause of ruining the lives of other human beings or would you want to be the reason their living their dream.””


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