End of DACA and DREAMEers

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When do you not hear the words “Immigrants”, “DACA”, “DREAMers’? They are a highly talked about subject through social media and the news. “DREAMers” are being threatened. “In September, President Trump announced he would end DACA and left it up to Congress to come up with alternatives legislation… Nine hundred and fifteen ‘DREAMers’ will lose protection from deportation each day.’ According to the Migration Policy Institute.’ There are about six hundred eighty thousand people from ages thirty-five to fifteen that are under DACA.

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What is DACA? Obama created a program that gives temporary protection from deportation to the undocumented who were brought to the United States as children. It also allows “DREAMers” to go to college, get a job, and they can get a driver license. If Trump’s administration efforts end DACA, students would be abandoning tuition that they have paid. All the hard work they have done that they have built up to become something that they always wanted to be. DACA students have been brought to the United States for better opportunities. Their parents had to work hard so their children can have the best. “It is scary to think about leaving. My mom cried for the first time since we talked about our situation. She is a positive person and is hoping that something good will happen for us.” says a nineteen-year-old DACA recipient.

How educated are DREAMers? “Forty-four percent completed high school, but are not in higher education. Twenty percent are in middle school or high school. Eighteen percent are in college. Fifteen percent completed some college. Four percent have a bachelor’s degree.” says Migration Policy Institute. Those who have DACA are great people with no criminal background. How are states like Arizona handling immigrants? Arizona made it a crime to be an undocumented immigrant. Many states like Utah, Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama passed the immigration bill in 2010 and 2011. “Arizona’s economy lost one hundred and forty million dollars, including forty-five million dollars in hotel lodging cancellations and ninety-six million dollars in lost commercial revenue, according to a joint study by the Center for American Progress and the Immigration Policy Center.” There is also a huge decrease in jobs. “Two thousand seven hundred and sixty-one jobs lost, two hundred and fifty-three million lost in economic output, five hundred and eighty thousand jobs for immigrants and native-born Arizonans would be lost, shrinking the economy of the state by one hundred and forty-eight and eight tenths billion”. The immigration laws are making people lose jobs and would lower our economy.” fifty-seven to two hundred and sixty-four million would be lost in state income and sales tax collection in Alabama.

”Unauthorized immigrants are usually people who were forced to evacuate their homeland for political, economic reasons, and for better opportunities. Any immigrants who commit a crime are treated poorly compared to white people in general. Racial profiling happens more than it should in the United States. An example of unauthorized immigrant racial profiling would be if a police pulled over a latino and used the term driving “while brown”. When someone thinks of an “immigrant” they usually think of Latinos, when there are many different races. Black immigrants are one of the many races that are not talked about. Historically blacks are still being non represented. “ Sixty-one percent say the country needs to continue making changes to give blacks equal rights with whites, compared with thirty-five percent who say the country has made the changes needed to give blacks equal rights with whites.” the United States immigration policy has shifted over the years.

“In 1965, eighty-four percent of Americans were non-Hispanic whites, four percent were Hispanic, and less than one percent were Asian. In 2015, sixty-two percent of Americans were white, eighteen percent of Americans are Hispanic, and Asians count as six percent of the population.” The Naturalization Act of 1790 was the first act of citizenship in the United States of America. In 1819, Congress keep reports of immigrants in the United States. In 1885, admission of contract laborers was banned. In 1906, immigrants had to know English in order to be able to come to the United States. In 1924, the United States issued the Quota System which helped establish border control. In 1948, the United States made a policy which allowed two hundred and five thousand refugees enter over two years. The immigration and nationality Act 1952 which allowed the Western Hemisphere, who were skilled workers, as permanent alien residents. It also made security strict and created some procedures. In 1996, the IIRIRA was created by President Bill Clinton and Congress. It mainly focused on legal and illegal immigration issues. In 1998 the American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act which set some consequences. In 1998, President Clinton created “green cards to former Soviet bloc countries and their dependents.” In 2005, identification documents were established by the federal standard. In 2006, the government made the Secure Fence Act which is the creation of the Mexican border.

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