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Our ancestors put a lot into the concept of a house. Even the Old Testament ark saved Noah from the flood, becoming a symbol of the life of a new, better civilization. Turning to countless riddles, proverbs, conspiracies, we see that the house symbolized both the real and the spiritual world. From time immemorial, he was a talisman for a person from evil. Even all the components of the house had their own special, not only everyday, but also spiritual purpose: a threshold, a stove, a window, etc.

The house is a symbol of both the Motherland, and the family, and the continuity of generations, a symbol of childhood, spiritual memory. It is very important not to lose all this, entering adulthood, and also to be able to build your own home, your own life.

But to build it, as the Bible warns us, on stone, and not on sand, that is, on strong moral values, so that when “it rained and the rivers flooded, the house could withstand, because it was founded on a stone” (“The Gospel of Matthew” ).

each of us has a place that brings back good memories, is a symbol of comfort and well-being, recalls memories of music, objects, flowers, people and dishes. This place is called home. It remains in our memories as perfect, even if it is not so perfect. The house serves as a kind of fortress to freedom, our affairs and us.

The word “home” is a multifaceted word that combines different concepts. Home is culture, religion, where you live, friends, relatives, neighbors, cuisine, personal belongings and surroundings. Home should be a place where you feel safe, free, and in a state of wellness and physical well-being. It is often associated with parents, siblings, warmth and comfort. However, international students suffer greatly from this psychological illness, and therefore, when they lose even one of these components, they feel homesick and begin to understand the meaning of the word “home”.

Home is considered the place where you grew up, which is associated with childhood memories, toys, favorite foods and traditions. Sometimes this happens to these international students, while in the middle of the school day they have an unbridled urge to go home. They close their eyes and see unforgettable masterpieces – a kitchen, a cozy bedroom, a living room, a bathroom or a soft carpet under their feet. This is due to their best memories, family, relatives and history. Typically, these images are the homes of our grandparents or parents. In these places, the family gets together and has a wonderful time together. This place brings back fond memories of children’s and family holidays. Even music and tastes can make you think of this kind at home. These are the things that anyone can miss when they are away from home for educational reasons.

In fact, a close relationship with home makes you feel homesick. International students leave their homes, families and friends to find academic opportunities abroad. While in another country, they grieve for places, objects, people, buildings, social media, and culture. Despite modern technologies that enable people to talk to their relatives, this feeling is very common among international students who make up a special group of students around the world. It can affect a person’s behavior and mental well-being. These students often miss every subject in their home. And that is why the home is a diverse and rich union of family and personal belongings.

Some people value items found at home. Very often, the guest cannot notice special design elements designed by a family member, furniture or decoration made by a relative, paintings or things that are valuable to the heart that are passed down from generation to generation. People show very strong bonds and attitudes towards personal memorabilia. Even the rooms, be it the kitchen or the living room, are one of the memories that bring back their memories. In this way, the House can express different aspects of our past. This is a place directly related to our biography, since here we had a physical and special performance. It is also where you live, the building, its interior and exterior design. This is the place where we live, preserve our property, relax, receive guests, spend leisure time, eat, drink, watch TV, etc. You come home after a hard day, take a bath, lie on the couch and do whatever you want , you have freedom of action.

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