Health Status Differences between Genders

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“There are claims that show there are health status differences and inequalities between both genders, male and female. There are statistics that are pointed out that, rate of men dying is most likely higher than females and more than half a million women die due to miscarriage, pregnancy etc. However, the data’s about health status of both genders are not accurate due to not only both genders are not defined correctly but there are many other factors that could affect both genders. To define both sex and gender, sex is biological sex that is assigned to you at birth, and it’s based on your hormones, chromosomes, and your genitals. And gender is what you’re assigned to in and by society. For example, Men are much more common to drinking, smoking, because of the role society has given to them compared to females, to barely smoking and drinking, which that puts them at risk of death more than women. Therefore, there are gender differences in health status and your gender roles and other factors have effect on our health status because of being discriminated against which this stops people reaching their full health potential.

One of the differences in health status between male and female is being in different conditions like different countries, or era. For example, the author state that, “HALE figures for 2002 revealed that in 14 out of 192 countries males had either the same, or a better healthy life expectancy than females. In the remaining 178 countries women could expect to live a longer time in full health.” And, male life expectancy reduced close to 20s century. So life expectancy for both genders are different in different countries and time periods.

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Second differences is in using health services in both men and women. For example, for men some may not seek health care services because they think they might could be perceived as week or can’t take days off their job, or for women on the other hand they have kids to take care of or the cost is the issue. Therefore, both genders have lack of use of health services.

And another big gender differences is sex and gender. For females, sex hormones tend to be the ones that protect females from range of conditions, such as estrogen for females tend to protect them from heart disease, control cholesterols and functioning of the heart, but on the other hand they have a risk of getting immune disorders. And gender wise, they are affected by their social status in society such as having low status in work and the gender role that they are assigned to affects them to do behaviors that are appropriate to their gender role in the society not what’s best and appropriate for their health. Women’s health problem, having low social status and being vulnerable to violence from men are also one of the gender issues that they are facing. In many parts of the word women are poor and have low social status and not be able to afford health care.

Another key differences between both genders is the age at which risk increases: men are more likely than women to die at early age from coronary heart disease and the male to female ratio is greatest in mid-life. According to trends, men tend to die from CHD cardiovascular disease more than women, due to men’s behavior of more smoking and drinking a lot more than females and it’s these behaviors that affects them compared to females also being protective of having CHD disease due to their hormones.
And last issue, are the gender equity and gender equality issues that exist in health care and health policies of countries and international. And there are many claims about mortality rate of men being higher than women. And men generally live longer than female. However, the gap between women and men varies. Some countries women are the ones that have life expectancy higher than men and some countries it’s the women that live longer than male. These reasons could be cultural rules such as in some countries women are labeled to homemakers and it’s not normal for them to work like men which this brings out inequalities between both genders. And, there has to be fairness and justice between both genders and their responsibilities and rights shouldn’t be based on if they are born female and male. And, there has to be strategy to deploy fairness, equality, and policies between both genders in order for them each reach their full potential of health. And, there should be no discrimination for both genders for wanting to meet their needs.
Finally, the goal is put in policies that both men and women both reach their full potential in optimizing their health in their own need. And, promote gender and policy equity that servers that. To live a long and healthy life. So both, we should become knowledgable about gender differences of both female and male in health needs, And for gender differences in social employ healthier models for each gender and fairness and justice for both genders in distribution of power, responsibilities, and resources.”

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