Haunted House Descriptions: an Eerie Encounter with the Monsters Within

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Updated: Sep 06, 2023
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Venturing Into the Abyss: A Haunting Dare and Unearthly Discoveries

“I dare you!” Adina and Jenessa’s voices echoed in my head. Now I have to go to the haunted house! As I forced myself to walk, everything around me changed. The air went from crisp as an apple to sour like an unripe grape. Not to mention, the air became thin as a fabric, making it hard to breathe; I coughed and sputtered as I walked, coming closer and closer in contact with the front door of a house that could be in a spooky saga.

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It was almost night, going to be pitch black, the moon as the only source of light. Furthermore, as trees danced in the wind, they creaked and yearned, almost sounding as if they were moaning for freedom from the capturing house. Meanwhile, like a song to the tree’s dance, crows cawed in eerie voices, circling the house, warning anyone who entered may not come out alive. I stepped towards the door, only backing up to hear the cold cackles that burst from the house. Jennessa screamed, “Aren’t you scared, are you? You could always back down, you know.” I was determined, though if I could not prove to myself I was brave, then who could I prove anything to? I looked around the house, painted in a deep purple with peeling paint and broken and boarded windows. It was like those scary houses at the fair and Disneyland. The look of the house had an almost face if you stood close enough, and the face it had on was a smirk almost there just to taunt unlucky visitors. My only companion had no choice but to back down as it was a thick coat to keep me warm. I pulled on my warm fur hood and buttoned it on top of the zippers. For a November night, it was freezing and gusty as one in December. I pulled with little might on the door and heard a swish coming from inside, but it was accompanied by a red flash of light, almost like jewels. As soon as it came, it was gone. I could hardly make it out, but it seemed to be eyes peering at me. As the door creaked open, a gush of fear came over me like a blanket covering my face and not letting me breathe. Then a ghoulish voice broke the silence, “Oh, see here, a snack for me.” I looked around, but no one was there, just a few bats. “Nothing scary at all,” I said aloud. I went on telling myself that the whole haunted house was a prank, but soon I would tell myself I was wrong on that statement, and multiple times, I would feel the next second I would come to an end.

Descriptive Terrors: Navigating the Haunted House’s Chilling Horrors

A farther end of the haunted house had a light, so naturally, I went to see what was there. I walked through the narrow hallway, glad I was not claustrophobic, but as I walked, I looked down and saw bugs everywhere on the floor surrounding me, crawling my feet. I itched and kicked and scrambled around to get the bugs off of me, but at the same time, new ones hopped on. It was a nightmare because although I was not afraid of tight spaces, I did have an entomophobia, the fear of bugs. I cried out many different screams as I struggled to get out of the room. As I entered what seemed to be a larger part of the hallway intersecting into another thigh space where, luckily, no bugs were, I hoped nothing would happen next, but not only did I get the realization this was a house of monsters but a house of ones who thought I was the perfect meal.

As I walked into the next intercepting room to my fear, I looked down, and I saw a vampire eating a rat. Then, like an owl, it turned its neck all the way to meet my eyes and said, “Oh, look the main course!” I ran, but the vampire was too fast, and I was chased into the kitchen with only one way out of the way. I came back to the fridge, and I thought I was bound to die. The smell of blood came from the mouth of the insane vampire. His nose to my forehead, eyes looking down at the half building from his head. I yelled and tried to move, but I was square and couldn’t push free. Only then did I remember, “Garlic! Duh!” With one hand, I pulled the Garlic out of the open and put it in the vampire’s face. I heard him laugh as he fainted, saying, “Soon you will be eaten, tasty human.”After I skipped out of the room at a jumping length, I looked at the surroundings of where I was. To me, it seemed like a greenhouse but a farm-type one for animals. I smelt manure and old hay. As I walked around the room, I spotted that there were dead flowers and an old, unwashed sun window bringing in beams of moonlight. It seemed it used to house goats and cows, maybe even pigs because I saw a small damp spot in the ground where water could have been before. There were tools everywhere on the ground, mostly rakes and shovels. Then I heard wolves howl. It was deep and raspy, smooth and rough at the same time, beautiful and wariness like it was telling you, here I come to leave or forever hold the consequences of your decision. I thought of who this could be if it was a wolf and a monster, most likely, and it only took me a second to get the conclusion of the two put together. The only possible monster that could be around would be a werewolf. I jogged off after realizing that it did not need or want confirmation it was a werewolf. When I finally stopped to see where I had gone, I found myself in a greenhouse. I looked around and saw a silver bar around some plants. Pulled them off and used them as protection (Sci-Fy pro tip werewolves hate silver.) Then I looked for an exit and a way out to get away from this haunted house, and as soon as possible, I found an exit and hoped it would lead outside. As the werewolf crept closer, crunching leaves with its steps, I fixed up a line of silver leading to the door to keep the werewolf from following me. The only thing left to do was see where the next exit door would take me, so with a leap of faith and a leap out of the room, I said goodbye to the troubling vampire and werewolf.

Library Labyrinths: Of Slime Blobs and Witches’ Cackles

The next room was a library. It smelled like parchment. As I breathed in the air, I sneezed from the dust. There was a small coffee table in the center of the room with three small couches around it. And on two sides of the room, you could find shelves of books. It was perfect for just sitting and taking a break from running away from monsters. The room was freezing cold, but every so often, a warm breeze would pass by. I could hear nearly cackles just as well I could hear my heart racing. My eyes fell on the floor, seeing the sight of monstrous globs of gel mush on the floor. I then felt the weird, cold, mush-type things going through my hair. My hair felt gelled, and then I saw a ghoulish blob monster on my head. I shrieked, “Ahhhh!!!” but it had no response, no mouth. A mess of slime is what that blob monster was. It was a jiggly blue slime formed into a heap, with arms and no hands or feet. It had big round eyes. In retrospect, it was very adorable, but I knew I had to make the Blob monster disappear. I looked around, but there were only books that could be used in defeating the monster because I was too weak to lift a couch or bookcase. That is when science came to use, “Books have paper, and paper absorbs liquids like slime.” I started to throw books at the blob monster, and as I did, it started to shrink. I was going to miss its cute little face that amused me and gave me delight. I thought in my head, “Great job me! You defeated the next monster of the night.” I turned around proud of myself and ultimately found out that the cackles were caused by a witch. This was typical. There is always a witch in these sorts of situations. That is because they are classic monsters in books or anything scary. The witch had a broom and wand with a green face paired with yellow teeth and eyes. I found it the least scary of the things I saw, second to the blob monster. Nonetheless, I knew a way to turn her frown upside down or the other way around, maybe? I took the soup my mom packed for me in case I was hungry out of my jacket pocket and started to pour it out of the container. And just like in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the witch disintegrated. But to keep from the Wonderful Wizard of Monster Comebacks, I sprinted to a place full of water: the nearest bathroom.

Riddles, Rescues, and the Haunted House’s Final Test

I was in a large bathroom, much larger than I had ever seen before. The ground was covered with sand. It was sweltering hot in the bathroom, and the mirrors were fogging. After only a few minutes of being in the room, I started to hallucinate, seeing a whirlwind on the sand. But after a few moments, I realized it was a real whirlwind of sand. I saw it reaching the top of the room. I was about to be taken up into it with the rest of the things in the room but then saw an exhaust fan switch. I struggled to reach it, but when I made it, I turned the fan on just as the whirlwind reached the exhaust and turned it on. Like a zap, the sand whirlwind was gone. However, I had not seen a monster yet and needed to prepare. There are only two possible monster choices here: Sandman, who brings good dreams… wait that would make him good, so the only other option is a mummy! In a honey-sweet voice, he said, “Prepare to feel the wrath of the Pharaoh’s Curse child!” Ummm… Now what? I grabbed a towel and put it around my nose and mouth so no sand would get in my lungs. Water could make the sand gloomy, but then how would I escape the quicksand-like mess of it? I couldn’t go back to the library. It would be too risky. Instead, I looked around. My only hope was a laundry chute. So I turned on the water and yelled, “See you in Egypt!” I slide down the chute just to hear loud, grumpy groans. “Great, just great,” I said sarcastically, looking to see what could come in use of getting a monster machine. If you did not guess yet, it was Frankenstein’s Monster I was facing off with. Just like in the stories, he had bolts on his neck and stitches holding him together. He was a minty green and said jumbo un-understandable words. I saw a toolbox and knew just what to do. When the monster approached with all my might, I threw every single tool at him and jumped up the stairs of the basement to a parlor.

Even though I guessed the room was a parlor, all I cared about was if there was an exit in it. I stepped back, and in harmony, the wooden floors creaked. With each step I took, a colder and colder chill went through me. Then my face went pale like I saw a ghost, and for a good reason, I did see a ghost! The ghost was almost translucent, with the shape of a rag over a mound. It had two eyes and a mouth as its only features. “Boo!” the ghost said. I ran as fast as I could. I felt my heart beating. Nothing I could do would make a ghost leave, so I just ran until I saw that I was looking for an exit; the only downside was that it was blocked by a cyclone! The cyclone was green and had blond hair, and he looked mean. He said something in an unknown language, and he started to cry. But then it started to shrink into a … little girl? The girl said, “I wanna come with you free me. You must break the chain.” I looked around for a key, and she pointed to a box. The box had a riddle on it. The cyclone girl said, “Must answer it and get free.” I quickly read out loud the riddle, “What object has keys that open, no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in?” I stood and thought, repeating the words in my head. Then, I understood the riddle and found the answer, which was a keyboard. I opened my hand to, almost like magic, find a key in my hand and use it to unlock the chain. I just nodded at the girl and opened the door together. We stepped out. “You did it.” Jennessa and Adina screamed as I ran toward them. I told them what happened, and we all left, never coming back to that haunted house again.


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