Halloween Series: Michael Myers

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The character I completed a mental profile on is Michael Myers, who is an anecdotal character from the Halloween arrangement of slasher films. He is the principle character and reprobate. Michael Myers was conceived on October 19, 1957. He additionally has a more youthful sister.

The family lived in a two-story house in a rural town of Haddonfield, Illinois. On Halloween day, when Michael was six years of age he spruced up as a jokester for Halloween and watched his more established sister and her beau kissing before going upstairs to engage in sexual relations.

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He went and removed a blade from the kitchen cabinet trusting that his sister beau will leave, at that point Michael snuck up the stairs and over and again cut her to death.

Subsequent to watching her pass on, he went out with the wicked blade, and kept running into his folks, who had quite recently returned home. Michael was then sent to a mental healing center named Smith’s Grove Warren County Sanitarium, for his wrongdoing, where he needed to remain until his twenty first birthday celebration when he could be attempted as a grown-up. At healing center Michael got mental treatment from Doctor Loomis.

From investing energy with Michael, the specialist assumed that it was a miserable case that Michael Myers had no humankind cleared out. Later Michael’s folks were executed in a fender bender, and his younger sibling was received, and renamed Laurie. The family conveyed Laurie to visit Michael at the doctor’s facility one time when she was more youthful, and Michael demolished his room at, and cut “sister” on his entryway before breaking out.

He additionally discharged alternate patients from their rooms. In the meantime, Michael’s specialist was simply landing to exchange him for his court hearing, and he saw the patients wandering around outside the clinic, and discovered Michael assaulting an attendant and taking his vehicle. He drove crosswise over Illinois to come back to his youth home. Where he seen his more youthful sister dropping off a key at the house for her real estate broker dad, Michael kept on stalking her and her companions, and this where his slaughtering binge began.

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