Groupon Case: SWOT Analysis

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Groupon, established in 2008 by CEO Andrew Mason and is generally internet industry setting which relates clients with the shippers by offering trainings, travel, and businesses. It was started in November 2008 in Chicago and in October 2010 Groupon they served in excess that is 150 markets in North America and 100 markets in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and South America and now being 35 million enrolled clients. Before March 2015, Groupon has 425,000 dynamic engagements globally. Notwithstanding the organization faced loss of US$88,946 in 2013. But the business itself is still new, with speculators sitting tight for Groupon to show primary concern productivity.

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Purpose of this Case Analysis

The purpose of the case is to provide an analysis of Groupon’s marketing strategy along with the financial analysis, SWOT analysis, and how Groupon’s are being in the marketing from 2008 till now. Mostly, the case presents the relevant speculative tools and then examines Groupon’s marketing and business practices. It gives theoretical and marketing strategy implications along with recommendations and alternatives which we will cover in this case analysis.

Figure1. Sources:

SWOT Analysis

Strategic Recommendations & Alternatives

Groupon as an internet based business is having a lot of obstacles for which the analysts has doubt for company’s future growth and its economic stability. We can see that Groupon is at a very vital turning point in today’s date as the profit is not up to the mark as the subscriber growth is reducing. For the future company profit specifics different strategy must be recommended, by raising the initial share value of the market. We also believe it is now stage to appeal from a violent big growth strategy and start focusing more on sustainability.

Our main recommendations for the company’s growth are that raise the current customer based activity, increase the dealer experience and reducing the subscriber growth. The company can also start their mobile applications platform to make the consumer well attracted for the deals they give because as we know that now a days there are lots of competitors in the internet based businesses so they have to change their strategy of marketing and also change their way of advertisement in a certain way.

Groupon internet based business has work a lot for companies development and for their future profit but often due to mismanagement and negligence also sometimes created loses in many times. Though, the company gained growth from year 2008 to 2011 but still modifications and proper strategies has to be implemented to increase the company’s revenue and profit. Stabilization and sustainability is the important thing to make the company’s growth.


Groupon faces a focused domain and budgetary difficulties well past those of market pioneers in different ventures. Much presently can’t seem to be uncovered regarding shopper tastes and whether by and large intrigue will expand, level off, or decrease from both the buyer and the vendor side. We trust that there are various troubling pointers in the day by day bargain industry that warrant a greatly forceful procedure of item enhancement and benefit boost, while proceeding to give an administration that can be relied on by customers and shippers alike.


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