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Updated: Feb 28, 2020
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The Sydney morning herald is a daily compact newspaper published by Fairfax media in Sydney, in Australia. It is the oldest newspaper that is continuously published in Australia and a national online news brand. It is published six days per week and it has a national coverage expect in some northern territories. John Fairfax purchased The Sydney Morning Herald in 1841. Several generations of the Fairfax family continued to control the company. Fairfax Media was founded by the Fairfax family as John Fairfax and Sons, later to become John Fairfax Holdings.

Marriage is a blessing between man and a woman and should remain that. In due regard to the above definition, I may intent to vote no to the definition as it is posted. Am very sure that readers have made up their mind and thinks that the definition sways them from the reality. Any opposition to the redefinition of marriage is obstructionist at best and driven by prejudice. Teen who was fired from job as a result of supporting same-sex marriage survey had a claim on act of discrimination. In Christianity and as followers of Christ, teaching upheld that every man was made in the image of God and need to be recognized. The question is how can you vote no to the definition and still uphold Christian teaching and values?

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Those in marriage can testify the importance of marriage in our society. Despite the challenges experienced by those whose marriages did not work well, marriages plays critical role in procreation and therefore it should be encouraged in the society. Marriage between man and woman brings about the beginning of a family and long life commitment. It encourages selflessness growth when a man tries to take care of her wife and children. Marriage is more than a physical union because it create emotional and spiritual oneness which emulates the union of God and his church. Marriage also creates togetherness and an everlasting bonding between a man and a woman. Once couples marry they become one thing hence creating oneness. Marriage is designed for purity because we are usually exposed to assault of temptations everywhere. Bonding gives us support that helps us to control all these temptations by expressing satisfaction love to your man and woman. Purity is created. Marriage also leads to parenting, once a family is blessed with a child either by birth or adoption, the family gets united and becomes strong. Roughly 40% of children are in home without fathers.

Most of them surfers? mental and behavioral disorder and criminal activity and social abuse but a child brought up by both parents experiences a healthy parenting. Marriage is made to mirror unconditional love for all. When man and woman express this unconditional love to one another, contentment follows and joy abounds them. In due regard to this social issue of marriage, a debate arises because different parties and individuals have different views and understanding concerning marriage. Actually, a debate by different individual have created yes or no vote to definition of marriage as earlier illustrated above. Parties have been divided on the issue of allowing same sex-marriage. There are those proposing and those opposing the motion. The issue on debate is only the equality of all humankind. Dr Kevin Donnelly is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University and author of? The Culture of Freedom, has been in fore front to vote no to same-sex marriage and firmly defends the man to woman marriage.

It is also true that 98% of Australian citizens agrees to this but only 2% of the citizens oppose. Tony Abbott whose is an American has shown that same sex marriage will completely change the society. He goes ahead and argues that he wants a country where everyone is treated equally regardless of race, political opinion, gender, religion and sexuality. He also states that people need to appreciate for? their achievements and for the quality of their character not pigeon-holed and dismissed on the basis of prejudice. In due consideration to the above Americans are seen to purport gay, homosexuality and heterosexuality which is opposed by majority of other nations and Africans in general. In reality, marriage should be taken as a procreation tool and not on the basis of equality. Therefore I really oppose American point of view on marriage.

I have also acknowledged the issues of cultural differences coming in. Australia portrays different culture as compared to America. This aspect of every countries culture as portrayed in every country brings different cultural contexts regarding their communications and media they use to convey their informations. The concept of high context or low context refers to how people communicates in different cultures. The difference between high context and low context is can be obtained by the extent to which meaning is transmitted by the actual words used or implied in the context. The general terms “high context” and “low context” (popularized by Edward Hall) are used to describe in order to communication with him/her broad-brush cultural? differences between societies.

Low context? refers to societies where people tend to have many connections but of shorter duration or for some specific reason. A? low-context? culture means that the communicative messages lie in the verbal messages opposed to the nonverbal. However,? Australians? tend to need a lot of background information on someone. Actually have been able to identify Sydney morning herald as a low cultural context because of the following feature that have identified in their communication mode these are: Relationships begin and end quickly. Productivity depends on procedures and paying attention to the goal.

The identity of individuals is rooted in themselves and their accomplishments. Social structure is decent Nonverbal elements are not significant. Verbal messages are explicit, and communication is seen as a way of exchanging information, ideas and opinions. Disagreement is depersonalized” the focus is on rational (not personal) solutions. An individual can be explicit about another person?s bothersome behavior. ? Space is compartmentalized. Privacy is important, so people stand farther apart. ? Events and tasks are scheduled and to be done at particular times. Change is fast, and time is a commodity to be spent or saved. One?s time is one?s own.  One source of information is used. Thinking proceeds from specific to general. Learning occurs by following the explicit directions and explanations of others. Individual orientation is preferred, and speed is value.

The coverage of the Sydney morning herald is similar to that of the America. There is no difference at all. They both have low cultural context as briefed above. This research work has enhanced and diversified my knowledge and understanding in due regard to global leadership. It has even motivated me to always have an inner but not lateral understanding of things.


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