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A global citizen is a person who holds a belief that every person on the earth has some rights and responsibilities which should be fulfilled to become the member of the earth. For becoming a good global citizen, it is essential to have a profound understating of different cultures which enable the person to understand the problems persist in the world. Under the light of this explanation of global citizenship, I will highlight my personal experience of living in Bangladesh and the United States. The United States is a country of individualism where people have the liberty of speech, religion and everything a person wants to do in his or her everyday life without harming others. Along with this America is a melting pot which means that in American society there are people from different cultures and backgrounds and they are living together peacefully and have equal right to practice their culture freely. On the other hand, Bangladesh is an entirely different society where men are more prominent and powerful as compared to women and where cultural norms and traditions are linked with the religion persistent in society. The information of these two cultures through personal experiences have strengthened my position as a global citizen.

I am from Bangladesh which is a country in South Asia. Bangladesh is a third world country and shares borders with India and Myanmar (Belal). Majority of the population of Bangladesh belongs to the Muslim religion. The environment of Bangladesh is completely different from the environment of the United States. Talking about the subsistence pattern of the people of Bangladesh it is evident that it is an agricultural society where people are mostly farmers. This factor plays a major role in shaping the culture of the society as well as the attitude of the people. Since it is an agricultural society people live in extended families unlike nuclear families in the USA. This family pattern enables people to confine with the gender roles of the society where women are not given freedom equivalent to men. Along with this farmers does not support education which results in low literacy rate of the country. Hence this is my understanding of the culture in Bangladesh.

My living experience in Bangladesh has made me enable to understand that it is a society which is opposite to the American society. And the miseries of the people in the third world country have strengthened my position as a global citizen in various ways. The most important point that I have learned is that in Bangladesh people are not equally treated and the disparity in the justice system on the bases of race and wealth is hindering the progress of the country. Similarly, I have understood that there is a great impact of globalization on the people of Bangladesh. I have observed that television and the internet are greatly promoting the Western culture in this south Asian county which is impacting their culture both positively and negatively. People are becoming more materialistic which is increasing the number of crimes.

Another reason which can be termed as a strengthening factor towards being a global citizen is that I have understood that environmental degradation is because of the ignorance of the people and therefore it is essential to provide education to the people about the impact of their actions on the environment and temperature of the world.

So, to conclude the above discussion sufficiently proves that time living outside the United States has taught me the difference between an industrialist society and an agricultural society and how these differences are impacting the life of the people and the global environment. This understanding has helped me in strengthening my position as a Global citizen.

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