Frankenstein Evaluation: the Role of God

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Updated: Apr 03, 2023
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Mary Shelly took place to a horrible death of her loving mother. Mary’s loveless childhood and criticism during her adulthood. There are major themes highlighted which are death and procreation. The two critiques analyzes Mary’s Shelly’s Frankenstein. According to the critique; the presumptive human works are frightful and despicable leading to personal misery. The authors view and focus was to underline personal misery and discomfort that human beings pass to themselves and to the society.

The writer of the first critique is anonymous.

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From the critique it is clear that the presumptive human works are frightful and despicable leading to personal misery. The opinion is that human activities lead to personal misery. The author seems to draw attention to the conceit of human doing. In the book, Frankenstein the character Victor learns about science before, and after attending his university work. Victor studied alchemy and chemistry first. Victor had a passion to study and understand the use of base metals and turn them into gold. To also find and expand on finding the elixir of youthfulness. Victor acquired knowledge in the modern sciences. Victor’s combination of the traditional and modern science results to self-destruction.

The extent of knowledge one should acquire before passing the benefits to all human kind. This question leads to the uncertainty of the application of technology in the book. It is beneficial to understand how humans beings can bring the dead to life. (Florecu, 102) It is however more doubtful to understand the roles human have in bringing the dead back to life. This role is assumed the role of God. Victor’s contact with the monster further highlights the theme. Human beings reduced this monster to an animal as an action to destroy him. They fail as the monster meets with victor and seeks for a partner. Victor has assistance at the end from a friend that leads to his utter destruction as the monster swears to kill him.

In reading the critic opinion. I support this viewpoint. The industrial revolution, advances limited spiritual and personal of people. It is sad to see human beings being slaves to devices. However, this is the reality as man has become too dependent on technology. Much is lost for the individual freedom as man becomes reliant on machines, instead of assisting machines to operate. People value their cell phones they have become one of the most important activities of the day. Cell phones have dictated the social status of people through social media. The idea of this is shown with the character victor who loses his soul as he deeply becomes involved in experiments on dead people. Victor creates a partner for the monster. Because of his actions ends up killing the partner of the monster. Victor then further loses his moral self and becomes intrigued with death. This is an adequate proof that human beings can easily lose humanity due to overindulgence. The monster revenges against Victor.

The vanity of human actions go back to Shelly’s life. As a fiction book, Shelly further emphasizes the theme, as her life is living proof of the vanity of human actions. Shelly clings onto the love her mother that she misses ( Florescu, 36). Shelly fails to accomplish this. Shelly fights for her father’s attention but then fails. Throughout Shelly’s life it becomes a theme of misery despite the efforts that she puts in to improve her inner self. These examples are valid as they tell the theories prevailing in the book. The experiences are close to reality than fiction. The current world is dictated by the human activities and creations. Communication is currently through human devices and Transportation. The critique shares the characters and examples which are supported by other critics.

The critic Shanon Lawson who wrote “La Belle Assemblee”. Shanon makes it clearly known that the book is fictional, it gives moral concepts, which can be applied in daily activities (Lawson,8). Shanon argues that Shelly had a moral view of human activities as the result of misery. The readers are advised to read fiction from its primary source, apply perfect language and unique interest to draw meaning. Shanon further highlights the lifestyle and desire of the Character Victor and the only main character that has a desire to create perfect people. Victor enjoys his creativity and is found of the modern and traditional. This desire then however costs his life and those close to him even including his loving wife. The critic show how vanity is of human activities. It shows how fear is human power. The monster that victor created equals death and life. The accumulation of all the knowledge that victor gets ends in his death.

The two critics of Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’ the possible human works are frightful and despicable leading to a personal misery. The critics, personal misery, and discomfort that humans pass to themselves and to the society around them.

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