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Finance Essays

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Causes of the Great Depression (1929-1939)

Words: 2336 Pages: 8 14657

During the Great Depression, Franklin D.Roosevelt stated, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” As World War I ended and the 1920’s boom in the industry deteriorated, the Great Depression developed and the result was dreadful. The crash affected millions of people and lasted for about a decade. United States was in […]

Topics: Bank, Economy, Finance, Money, New Deal, The Great Depression

Great Depression Vs. Great Recession

Words: 1915 Pages: 6 6751

Both the Great Depression and the Great Recession were major events that have occurred in the United States economy that have had lasting effects on the country and other countries around the world. But these events were necessarily good ones. They were two of the greatest crises in American economic history. The Great Depression was […]

Topics: Economy, Finance, Macroeconomics, New Deal, The Great Depression

Company Records Analysis

Words: 598 Pages: 2 4027

The main aim of any big and reputable firm is to maximize shareholders wealth, but it is almost impossible to make this a reality if profitability alone can’t be achieved. Profit is the excess of monies a company records in its statement of income after all expenses operating and non-operating, have been serviced. It is […]

Topics: Economy, Finance, Investment

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Words: 2798 Pages: 9 5062

Abstract In this investigative report paper we’ll present an overview of finance, what it looks like today, give some examples of the emerging markets in finance and outline the general trends and tendencies. Then, we’ll describe what trading is, how it is done and list some of the biggest trading firms; go through an overview […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Bank, Economy, Finance, Intelligence, Investment, Machine Learning, Money

IT Risk Management Techniques

Words: 939 Pages: 3 3671

Introduction In life, only two things are true about failure. One, it is common and second, nobody likes them. Failure is something that cannot be completely avoided but it is not absolute as well. Past failures become better lessons on which such failures doesn’t occur in the future. Modifications and changes made due to failures […]

Topics: Economy, Failure, Finance, Risk, Risk Management
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Clarkson Lumber Company Pro Forma Statement

Words: 323 Pages: 1 4684

Assumptions. We build pro-forma statement mostly based on the assumptions given in the case. Other assumptions are following. At first, we assume that the tax rate is an average of tax rates for the past three years which is 20. 1%. We use this tax rate to calculate the provision for income taxes for following […]

Topics: Economy, Finance

How to Use Cryptocurrency to Pay your Mortgage

Words: 1236 Pages: 4 4499

Ten years ago the housing market crash sent shockwaves through the economy. Since then, some major changes have hit the real estate market, from the tightening of lending standards and the near-abandonment of subprime loans to the affordability crisis affecting more and more cities across the nation. The houses may have stayed the same but […]

Topics: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Economy, Finance, Money, Tax

Finance and Operations: Tesla Inc.

Words: 625 Pages: 2 1022

Tesla is an American electric automobile manufacturer was founded in 2003 (Reed, 2020). The current CEO is Elon Musk who joined the company in 2004 (Reed,2020). The organization took on the challenge of bringing electric vehicles to the mass market and has been steadily making progress towards that goal. Tesla has struggled financially trying to […]

Topics: Electric Cars, Finance, Tesla Motors

Capitalism: a Love Story

Words: 650 Pages: 2 3942

The paper will begin by giving a general impression of the narrative, trailed by an assessment of how the narrative affected me. This will be trailed by an examination of whether I concur with Moore’s message in the film or not, and why. The decision will be a conversation on whether the film has in […]

Topics: Capitalism, Economy, Finance, Human Nature, International Business, Novel, Policy

Being Rich doesn’t Guarantee

Words: 1542 Pages: 5 3998

Being rich doesn’t guarantee your happiness (Chatzky 12). Money is important in the world we live in but in chapter one, Sophie Tucker Was Wrong, Jean Chatzy tells us that money will make life easier if manage well but is not supposed to be the source of one’s long term happiness. One page twenty-two it […]

Topics: Divorce, Family, Finance, Happiness, Investment, Marriage, Money

Under Insurance

Words: 2710 Pages: 9 3969

The studies and findings related to the underinsurance has been discussed before in recent years. It has been proved and showed in the articles, journals, research papers, presentations and news. From the studies, it has been said that the underinsurance in Malaysia is high as well as the awareness of the underinsurance. Underinsurance is quantified […]

Topics: Debt, Finance, Insurance, Wealth

Tort Laws and the Different Business Laws for Running an Organization

Words: 1722 Pages: 6 1369

At the startup of House and Holmes, it was decided that a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) was the best organization type for Chuck and Ben to start their House and Holmes Company. However, now that they have taken on business loans, have hired a crew, and increased their assets, it is now in their best […]

Topics: Business Law, Common Law, Finance, Social Issues

Everything you should Know about Enron

Words: 2509 Pages: 8 6128

Background on the history of Enron: Enron was an American Gas Company that was originally called Natural Gas Company in the early 1930’s. InterNorth was a holding company that was located in Nebraska and in 1979 purchased Natural Gas Company. In 1985, Enron was born following the merger of InterNorth and Houston Natural Gas. Following […]

Topics: Economy, Enron, Enron Scandal, Finance, Investment

Causes of the Great Depression and the Lasting Impacts

Words: 1390 Pages: 5 5477

Abstract This paper discusses the causes of the Great Depression and the lasting impacts it had on the U.S. Many people attribute the sole cause of the Great of Depression to the stock market crash of 1929 but there are actually multiple contributing factor. The stock market crash propelled the Great Depression forward but many […]

Topics: Bank, Economy, Finance, Money, Stock Market, The Great Depression

Zhang, Zhang & Zamparello Company

Words: 572 Pages: 2 3884

A credit facility is an arrangement that is between a business and a bank which allows the business to seek a particular amount of financing for various reasons for a specific period of time. Credit facility enables a business to take credit whenever they need to borrow money. There are two categories of the funding […]

Topics: Economy, Finance, Money

Pepsi Vs Coca Cola

Words: 637 Pages: 2 4510

Many companies get loans in order to help finance their operations. Interest must be paid on these loans to the creditors. The times interest ratio (TIE), also known as the interest coverage ratio, is a metric that allows companies to measure their ability to meet their debt obligation (“Time Interest Earned – TIE,” 2018). In […]

Topics: Coca Cola, Debt, Economy, Finance

A Case Study on the Actions Taken by the Federal Trade Commission against Business Companies

Words: 1008 Pages: 3 1112

All businesses are protected by the law. The work of protecting the consumer rights is done by government body called the Federal trade commission. The main function of this commission is to ensure that the claims made on the product’s adverts and the and the stickers on the products are correct and true. When a […]

Topics: Business Law, Customer, Finance

Unemployment during the Great Depression

Words: 409 Pages: 1 5122

The stock market crash all started on black tuesday on october 24, 1929. During Black Tuesday 16,410,030 shares on the New York stock were traded in a single day. Billions of dollars were lost, wiping out thousands of investors. Tons of machines controlling the trades were shut down due to the tremendous amounts of share […]

Topics: Debt, Economy, Finance, Money, The Great Depression, Unemployment

Tensions in Ssas as Functions of Labor-Capital and Government-Economy Relationships

Words: 2240 Pages: 7 4158

In The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Max Weber posits that the most productive use of money is made by investing it to provide an impetus to nascent capitalism instead of wasting it on luxuries and self-gratification. In direct relation to this, Bowles defines accumulation as a “profit-driven investment” (134) which encompasses investment […]

Topics: Bank, Capitalism, Debt, Economy, Finance

Financial Reporting

Words: 2292 Pages: 8 4889

Earnings are normally regarded as one of the most powerful indicators of a company’s business activities. Earnings management refers to the use of different accounting techniques with the aim of producing financial reports that tend to present an extremely positive view of an organization’s financial position and business activities. Most of the accounting principles and […]

Topics: Bank, Economy, Finance, Investment, Motivation

Comparison of Amazon and Walmart Companies

Words: 609 Pages: 2 5902

After analyzing and reviewing both Amazon and Walmart’s annual reports to determine their financial positions, it is evident that both companies have different pros and cons in regard to investment purposes. Amazon is considered the world’s largest online retailer and service provider. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of many […]

Topics: Debt, Economy, Finance, Walmart

An Introduction to the Analysis of Business Law

Words: 481 Pages: 2 1171

What is business? Simply put, it is a commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood. (Miriam-Webster, 2010) Businesses are typically organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Sole proprietorship is the oldest, simplest, and natural type of organization. (Informationbible.com, 2005-2009) A proprietor reaps all the benefits and accepts unlimited liability […]

Topics: Business Law, Economy, Finance

Planning to Send Child Study Abroad

Words: 1345 Pages: 4 4572

Most Indian families dream of sending their children abroad to study- either for their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. It is an exciting prospect and always has been. However, this puts a huge financial burden on the family. In India, when we think of education loans, we are immediately faced with the prospect of significant debts […]

Topics: Bank, Economy, Finance, Student Loan, Study Abroad

Whether Tesla Can be Triumphant or Just the Opposite?

Words: 645 Pages: 2 1187

Tesla has made a name for itself by proving doubters wrong, but in 2018 the company faced many challenges. Stemming from Elon Musk’s erratic behavior to the company’s financial health, all the way to not making enough cars, this might be the point of no return for Tesla. Whether it can survive all of these […]

Topics: Finance, Technology, Tesla Motors

Littering Solutions in Malta

Words: 680 Pages: 2 4226

Malta is a country consisting of three islands situated in Southern Europe. Due to its idyllic island features, such as Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Beach, and historical attractions, such as the Medieval Hilltop Town of Mdina, tourism takes up a significant portion of the Maltese economy, around 15%. According to NHSMUN, the United Nations World Tourism […]

Topics: Economy, Environmental Impact, Finance

Benefits of Self Regulation in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Words: 1574 Pages: 5 4672

Restrictive and exclusionary banking and financial regulations no doubt played a role in the drive to create cryptocurrency to begin with, so there’s no surprise that the industry is resistant to regulations as a whole. However, one of the main challenges for mainstream acceptance of the new technology is apprehension due to the lack of […]

Topics: Cryptocurrency, Finance

Consequences of Urbanization in Malaysia

Words: 2104 Pages: 7 4180

Introduction Purpose A country profile is a brief overview on the factors that affect and shape the health and wellbeing of its citizens relating to its demographics, economy, government, healthcare system, and environment. I chose the country of Malaysia simply because my husband was stationed there in the military and received care while in combat. […]

Topics: Bank, Economy, Finance, Healthy Lifestyle, Investment

What Ended the Great Depression?

Words: 1297 Pages: 4 4912

The Great Depression had a devastating impact on the nation, spreading across the countryside and bringing hardship to big cities and small towns. No social, racial, or economic class was excluded. At the depth of the depression, in 1933: 13 million people were unemployed, 50% percent of the banks had foreclosed, national income fell by […]

Topics: Economy, Finance, New Deal, The Great Depression

Assessment Credit Risk Management

Words: 496 Pages: 2 4558

Credit risk management practices is an issue of concern in financial institutions today and there is needto develop improved processes and systems to deliver better visibility into future performance. There have been controversies among researchers on the effect of credit management techniques adopted by various institutions. According to Saunders and Allen (2002), good selection strategy […]

Topics: Economy, Finance, Risk, Risk Management

Economic Levels of Sudan, Nigeria and the United States

Words: 1580 Pages: 5 4481

Introduction The world is made up of 195 countries. The countries are all on different economic levels. The most economically advanced, capitalistic and industrially powerful countries are referred to as the first world countries and they include the likes of the United States, Britain, and Germany. The second division comprises of countries which are developing […]

Topics: Economy, Finance, Nigeria, United States
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